10 Signs He’s Not That Into You

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As females, we should be smart enough to be able to predict whether boys are interested to start a serious relationship with us or not. Females do hate to be tricked, and keep on hoping in something that will lead to nothing, but lies and sadness. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to know the 10 signs below before starting a relationship.

10 Signs to Remember

When a person is not that into you, he will try to avoid eye contact and keep distance between himself and you. He will most likely fold his arms towards his chest and does not start any conversation with you.

The second sign is when he tries to show disrespect against your values. Do not ever try to start a relationship that shows you this sign, you will be just wasting your time.

The next sign is when a person shows a great interest in you and keeps on repeating that he loves you so often and can’t stop calling you at night every day for a few weeks; but after a few weeks, he will stop his moves to attract you since he has won you and he will most likely move on to the next girl.

The forth one is a person who is afraid to make commitments. This kind of person is not able to express his feelings towards you. You should never try to push this kind of person to make a commitment with you.

A guy who asks you to hang out together but shows up late is another sign that he is not that into you. This also means that you are not an important part of his life.

A person who is serious to start a relationship with you will at least try to introduce you to his families and friends after 6 months since the first day you guys started dating. If this is not happening, it might be a sign that he is not that into you.

Another sign is when a person started to chat with you a lot, send emails to you often, send messages and wall posts on Facebook everyday, and send lots of love tweets to you, but suddenly he stopped all of those things, maybe blocked you and stopped communicating with you. Enough said, this person has no interest in your anymore.

When a person said that he is serious to start a relationship with you, but he never invites you to his place to at least meet with his parents and siblings, he might show you the sign that he has lost his interest to be serious with you.

A guy who does not share expenses (dating expenses) and does nothing when you pay for the food or anything else, he might not be interested in you, but in what you have.

The last but not the least is when he starts to slow down and “run away” from you slowly but sure. This kind of person, who does this, can be said to lose his interest in you.


Those are the 10 important signs that a guy is not that into you. Be wise and understand those signs before starting a relationship to avoid sadness, stress, and regrets that might ruin your lives.


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