First Date Don’ts

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So you’ve been out there looking for mister or misses right. Perhaps you’ve exchanged a few flirty emails / text message or even talked on the phone a few times. But now you’re ready for the all-important first date. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent getting to know each other... more

Online dating can be one of the best ways to meet new and interesting people who you’d otherwise never encounter. If you’re like many people, your social universe is probably limited to workmates, friends and friends of friends. But what if these avenues just aren’t helping you meet people... more

Power-Packed First Date Questions

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Everyone knows that that first date is all about deciding if you have any potential together as a couple. If you don’t hit it off or the chemistry just isn’t there, then it’s pretty much over. And of course a big part of figuring this out is getting to know one another.  There are the... more

10 Creative First Date Ideas

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We’ve all heard the old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s never more true than on a first date. During this all-important first encounter, your perspective love interest will make a mental evaluation about you and the prospects for a relationship. So you... more

So you’ve met someone new. Perhaps it was online, at work or out with friends last weekend. You’ve exchanged a few text messages or phone calls, and have set plans for your first date.  This date will tell a lot about your possible feature relationship. If it goes well, it could be the first... more

Top 10 Things Single Girls Look For in a Man

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It’s the age-old question of what women want.  Men have been wrestling to understand this form the beginning of time. According to a recent survey by, these are the top 10 things that women are looking for in a man. So What Are Single Girls Looking For? Let's Take A Look. 10-... more

Is The Person You’re Dating The One?

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Perhaps you've been dating someone for a few months - or maybe even a few years - and now you're trying to decide if this could be "the one". Could they be someone you’d want to marry and spend the reset of you’re live with. Could you see yourself growing old with them? We’ll “till death... more

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