10 Signs He’s Not That Into You

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As females, we should be smart enough to be able to predict whether boys are interested to start a serious relationship with us or not. Females do hate to be tricked, and keep on hoping in something that will lead to nothing, but lies and sadness. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to know... more

Common First Date Mistakes

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Before you head out on the first date with someone, you do all that you can to prepare. From fresh threads to a new do, you’re out to impress. Unfortunately, with all the time and work most people put into a first date, there are always a handful of common mistakes that daters make that can ruin... more

Is it Love Or Just Infatuation

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You don't have to be a serious fan of Coke to figure out that Coke Zero is not the real thing. It comes close but it is not the real thing. It may taste a lot like the real coke but there is just something 'different' about it that tips you off that it is not the real thing. The same could be said... more

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