Relationship Advice- 5 steps to maintain a good relationship

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If you’ve been single for a while, then you probably realize how hard it can be to meet someone really great. To find someone great you have to put yourself out there and try new things. There’s lot of relationship advice out there, but we’re going to show you tips that actually work. Perhaps meeting through friends, looking for love at a company / community pick nick or even on a free dating site like Once you find them, you really want to make things last. To create and grow a healthy relationship there are a few important steps involved.

Establish Good Communication –
Having a transparent communication is very important as it can help to eliminate jealousy and many other issues. Always try to avoid major arguments and see that matters get sorted out with simple communication means. It will help to develop trust at the later stage.

Choose Your Battles Carefully –
A fight cannot be avoided in any relationship. Always try to understand on what issues fights are going to happen. When an argument starts heating up, always see that you bend a little so that the other person feels that you are adjusting to it. Try to listen what problem your partner and it may so happen that she is saying the right thing.

Do Not Go to Sleep Angry –
Sort out the fight, if you have any, with your husband, before going to sleep. If you go to sleep angry, then you will wake up angry. Do not raise issues from the past arguments and drag them into the present one. It spoils the relationship to a great extent.

Include Him/Her in Your Important Activities –
Ask her to spend more time with your friends and family as that may make feel more inclusive in the family. Also spend some time with her family.

Don’t Just Listen To Their Words, but The True Meaning As Well –
Men typically talk and communicate with other men in a very practical, logical and straight forward way. For example, “Hey Ralph, do you want to try that new Italian place on Thursday? Great, see you then”.  Women on the other hand sometimes want us guys to read between the lines and understand what they truly want. It’s not always easy for us to figure out, but it’s important to try to listen to her feelings, not the words she is saying.


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