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5 Ways to Become Instantly More Attractive to Women

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When it comes to initially attracting women, it’s really not rocket science. Of course, handling relationships is a whole other
ballpark that requires patience and learning, but becoming “attractive” to women is rather straightforward. You just have to have
the effort, and be willing to invest in yourself. This simple relationship advice will get you far.


1. Go to the gym

Whether you like it or not, women like men who stay in shape. You don’t have to bench 300 pounds and look like a top-heavy
gorilla to get a girl to compliment your physique, but you need to invest in your health to be more attractive to women. A little bit of muscle tone can go a long way.

2. Don’t tell them they’re pretty…ask them who their favorite author is

It doesn’t matter if you’re scrolling through Tinder or buying a girl a drink at the bar. If you’re really looking to get a girl
interested, don’t lead with something cheesy like “You’re so beautiful” or “Wow, you are stunning.” Girls know they look good,
and they know you know they look good. Instead of stating the obvious, lead with a thought-provoking question that allows
them to talk about themselves.

3. Groom yourself & your home

Along with going to the gym, grooming yourself on a regular basis is important. Get a haircut, shave, moisturize your dry skin, clean your nails, and wash your sweaty gym clothes. Nothing grosses women out more than men’s dirty habits, so remember to put the toilet seat down, wipe your counters, and spray some Febreeze in the air.

4. Stop Posting Weird Things on Social Media

Social media is your chance to highlight the best parts about yourself. And you can bet that any girl you met on a dating site who
is interested in you is going to cyberstalk your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else she can get her hands
on. Which means, you need to keep your social media profiles relevant, and not post anything incredibly embarrassing. For girls
you’re already friends with or who follow you, it’s a good idea not to post rants or share questionable articles.

5. Get a Real Job

Nothing is more attractive than a guy with a good heart…and a job. Women feel more secure when you are working, and not
only just working, but passionate about what you do. You don’t have to make tons of money, but you have to find a job that
boosts your confidence, gives you some stability in life, and allows you to save enough to take a girl out on a date!

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