8 Tips You Need To Know for Online dating

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So, you’ve been single for a while now.  Fed up of meeting the wrong type of men in bars, at work, or in this day and age online.  I’ve been through it all and had some dating disasters.  But now I’ve figured it out.  Here are my top 8 tips to meeting the perfect partner using online dating.

  • Making a wish list.  It’s all about deciding what you want and what you are looking for in a partner.  Be specific in your ideas, instead of saying you want to meet someone who wants kids. You would say I want to meet someone who wants two kids, about 4 years apart, and would consider medical help if needed.  The idea behind making the wish list is making sure you are defining what you want from your partner.
  •  Getting online.  The idea is that you pick a few websites to use.  To start with you could try using some the more reputable free dating websites.  Two or three dating websites should be ok to get you out there again.
  • Your profile, keep it short.  When writing your profile it is always best to keep it short and sweet. Keep it to the point, without using too much detail.  The more intriguing you sound, the more likely they are to want to find out more about you.
  • Curiosity.  This again relates back to your dating profile.  It’s about offering just enough information to grab their interest, this is the same process you go through when meeting someone new in person.  You offer just enough information, so they want to get to know you a little better.
  • Trying to be funny.  The trouble with trying to sound funny in print is sometimes it doesn’t come across as well as when you are talking to your mates.  It’s the same principle with sarcasm.  Sometimes sarcasm written down in print can just come across mean or angry.  Trying reading it out loud to yourself, and if it doesn’t sound funny out loud, it most probably best not to use it.
  • Being selective.  It’s always good on your dating profile to give some of your likes and dislikes, but bear in mind this doesn’t mean you have to go into specifics about things, which ultimately aren’t really that important.
  • Optimistic language.  Using words such as happy and fun, got more attention than those that didn’t. On the dating website you can write about things that really excites you and that you love to do.  Always read it back and ask yourself this question when reading back your profile; would you date you?
  • Marketing you.  Try not to use really old photos of yourself and copy them from dating site to dating site.  You have to remember who your audience is and what is likely to hook them in and attract them to you.  So using new photos and different photos on dating websites will hopefully help you find you perfect online dating partner.


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