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Original First Date Ideas You Should Try

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When it comes to dating, you should never underestimate the power of the first date. Meeting someone for the first time will not only help you decide whether you’d like to see them again, but can tell you a lot about them – for instance, are they creative or are they a creature of habit… and have they put the time and effort into thinking of a great first date idea. To make sure you create the right first impression, check out our original first date ideas: Do art together There is no other thing that brings two people closer than creating something together. Clay, crayons, paint – you name it! The only thing you’ll need is art supplies and a place where both of you can show off your creative sides. DIY wine tasting Who doesn’t love wine? And, of course, what’s a first date without some new experiences? Combine the two and organize a DIY wine tasting for you and your potential date. It’s cheaper than doing it at a wine shop or a restaurant and is way more fun! If you’re not a wine person, who says you can’t organize your very own beer, champagne or cocktail tasting? Three-course dinner with a twist A fancy dinner is a must for a great first day. Change things a bit by organizing your date dinner at three different places. Grab an appetizer at a local tapas place, then go and check out a fancy restaurant for the main course and finish the night at your favorite dessert bar! Scavenger hunt Your days of scavenger hunts are not over – get creative and put together a list of things you’d like to do. Make it as simple or complicated as you like and don’t be afraid to be creative. Doing something together is the best way to feel closer to your date and there’s hardly anything as fun and exciting as your own scavenger hunt!


Getting out in the world and meeting people can seem quite challenging to those new on the dating scene, and to those who have newly re-entered. However, there are many different situations and places that can be entered into in order to meet the type of people that you are looking for. Some of these might be events that you do not even consider a really social gathering. Be sure to consider all of your options and step out of your comfort zone in order to expand your horizons. The obvious methods to meet new people include online dating and speed dating. There are many free online dating sites out there that offer their services to help you become successful in your love life. However, sometimes you need to just go out and meet people face to face. A good place to start on your search for love is at happy hour with your coworkers. Yes – you probably do not want to be dating your coworkers, but you never know who they might invite to tag along. Meeting friends of friends ensures that you will have some common ground. Social media is a very powerful force for bringing people together. Check out the events that your friends are planning to attend and tag along with them! Additionally, be sure to go to their birthday parties or any other social gatherings where strangers might be invited and you can be easily introduced to someone. If you have a friend that wants to set you up on a date, let them! Your friends are likely to know what it is that gets you going. Taking a class can help you to meet people with similar interests. We all remember how easy it was to meet people in high school, and it can be easy as an adult as well. Try taking the bus or the train to work. It can save you a little bit of stress from driving and the cost of gas. Of course, this benefits directly in the search for new people and potential dates. Pushing your limits is scary, but in order to really make yourself approachable it is good to get out and do things alone. Sure, it is fun to be with friends, but a stranger might be hesitant to approach you I they see you with someone they might think you are with. You are also more likely to want to talk to people when you are alone because people naturally gravitate toward other people. Using a combination of these circumstances and environments leads you to a very high chance of meeting that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your love life with. Some of them might seem a little scary, but it is important to put yourself out in the world and to make yourself seem confident and approachable. The more confident you are in yourself and the more you respect yourself, the higher the chance you have of […]

“We all commit mistakes”, and when it comes to relationships this fact stands to be quite appropriate. Dating can be those pathways that trigger mistakes that occur because of those things that you were never really aware of. These mistakes become quite common at platforms like online dating sites, as underlying issues like lack of faith, self esteem troubles and that particular anxiousness of how to make things happen in a perfect way is something that makes people commit mistakes. At times they are aware about it and at certain situations they don’t even know that they have committed a mistake. Here are the online dating mistakes that you wish you would have never committed 1.  Talking Too Much About Yourself: It’s true that when you are at going for online dating then you have to be interesting, yet true to yourself. But this does not mean that in the ride to be true to yourself you forget about the other one! Even when you are well established and hold a lot in your life, you have to learn to respect it and always have subtle conversations in the beginning. If you start talking too much about yourself and never stop then this will only create a bad impression and at worst cases your date might never come back. 2. Getting Way To Chummy With Your Date; So a cute guy messaged you at your online dating profile and the next moment you realize you are talking about how frustrating your day was, how you were pulled back at your office and how a dumb guy was trying hit on you, disgusting! You should realize that any person that you find at a dating site is still a stranger to you, and those who share their emotions way too much with the other one at the initial days of online dating may come out as neurotic or desperate freaks! 3. Accepting Last Minute Dates: This is one of those big No-No that anyone at an online dating site should learn to accept. You have to show your date that you are a busy person who has to tackle various things in life, meet deadlines, handle family and nurture a social life too.  So, a practical way to do this is that never say an outright yes when someone asks you for last minute date. Give it some time, discuss a few other dates and finally decide on the day on which you both are comfortable with. #4- Wasting Your Time and Heart:  Many of us must have committed this mistake while dating online, for instance you spend weeks talking with someone and then after a few days you realize that person has deleted the dating profile without informing you anything about it, heartbreaking it is! But, it does happen hence you should always be clear about the person whom you find online and get into those serious tunes only when you are completely clear about it, so that you will […]


Thousands of people are in online dating relationships and many of them are involved in long distance relationship. Long distance relationships have a bad rap for being destined to fail, but due to some advances in technology, more and more people are making long distance relationships work. Here’s some dating advice that works. While making a long distance relationship work can take more effort, it is now more doable than ever. Here are some tidbits of relationship advice to help your long distance relationship succeed. Set a Time Limit: Some long distance relationship experts state one of the biggest factors that help long distance relationships is setting an end to the time that you two are apart. It will make it easier for you to bear the time you are away from your significant other if you know that is only temporary. This step should only be undertaken after you both are getting to a point where you are both committed and serious about your relationship. Once you two are able to set a date of when the distance will end, you will be able to reduce your stress and just enjoy your time growing closer emotionally. Make sure to see each other regularly: If you set up regular intervals to see each other it will make it much easier to stay committed to your relationship. Whether you set up a schedule where one of you get on a plane to see each other for a weekend every two weeks or once a month. Take turns switching off of who has to travel, so that one of you doesn’t resent the other for emptying their bank account  as travel can be incredibly expensive. This also gives you an opportunity to get know your significant other’s family and friends. Plan a fun vacation together: Plan a fun getaway or vacation for about a week so that you can enjoy each other’s company and have the important element of physical closeness. This will also allow you to form memories together that you can treasure while you are apart from each other. Have regular video dates: Just because you two are not in the same area, doesn’t mean that you can’t copy the same experiences that many other couples have. You can both have dinner together, even to the point of getting takeout from the same restaurant and eating it together via video chat. You can even watch the same movie together at home as if you two were actually together in the same spot. You can also play certain board games on video chat. Having a  level of somewhat normalcy will help you to not feel as if the distance is so far and help you tough it out during the times that you are apart These tips will help you and your significant other work through the time that you are in a long distance relationship. Now you don’t have to let the distance stand in the way of your happiness […]


Almоѕt еvеrу ѕinglе mаn саn uѕе a few tips tо attract women. Tо most men it ѕееmѕ аll of thе beautiful ѕinglе wоmеn are juѕt a wild fаntаѕу. Bу fоllоwing thеѕе fеw tiрѕ you саn start using free dating sites to mееt ѕinglе women tоdау. 1. Work оn Yоur Mindѕеt – Nоt whаt уоu еxресtеd? Gеntlеmеn, there аrе beautiful single wоmеn аrоund уоu еvеrуdау. Thеѕе ѕаmе wоmеn аrе lonely because nо one is tаlking to them аnd аѕking thеm оut. If уоu learn tо bеliеvе thеу are around you, you will ѕtаrt nоtiсing mоrе оf thеm. Juѕt a simple сhаngе in attitude саn inсrеаѕе уоur сhаnсеѕ оf meeting wоmеn immediately. 2. Gо Where Singlе Women Are – Dоеѕ it ѕоund оbviоuѕ? It really iѕ vеrу оbviоuѕ, but you аrе рrоbаblу ignоring it. When iѕ the last timе уоu wеnt tо аnу еvеnt like yoga or a farmers market? Lооk thrоugh уоur nеwѕрареr’ѕ calendar of еvеntѕ and ѕеаrсh for the асtivitiеѕ уоu would expect wоmеn tо enjoy, аnd thеn bе thеrе. Even if it fееlѕ a little ѕtrаngе try tо learn from thе еvеnt. If уоu mееt a lady and ѕhе asks why you аrе thеrе simply аnѕwеr hеr honestly. Yоu wеrе trуing tо mееt a woman likе hеr. 3. Enrоll in an Evening Clаѕѕ – Many of these classes аrе full оf single wоmеn аnd very few men. Thеѕе wоmеn аrе wоrking оn gеtting bеttеr jobs, еxраnding thеir hоrizоnѕ, аnd will lоvе tо mееt a mаn who iѕ dоing thе ѕаmе thing. 4. Uѕе Fасеbооk аnd Othеr Social Mеdiа Sitеѕ. Jоin grоuрѕ аnd have diѕсuѕѕiоnѕ with thе fеmаlе members. You may nееd to ѕtер out of уоur comfort zоnе аgаin. The single wоmеn аrе nоt hanging оut in thе fоur whееl drive, wrеѕtling, аnd boxing grоuрѕ. Thеу аrе in grоuрѕ whiсh арреаl to wоmеn. Consider jоining a group discussing women’s iѕѕuеѕ and be thе man’s vоiсе in thе group. Yоu can empathize, ѕуmраthizе, аnd аt timеѕ diѕаgrее. Yоu will mееt mаnу ѕinglе women who will find your willingnеѕѕ tо discuss their issues rеfrеѕhing. 5. Fill Out a Prоfilе on a Dаting Site. If you аrе nоt dоing thiѕ, thеn you rеаllу dо nоt wаnt tо know tiрѕ to аttrасt wоmеn. What better рlасе саn уоu gо tо mееt beautiful ѕinglе wоmеn? Thе wоmеn оn a dаting ѕitе are announcing thеу are ѕinglе, ѕhаring рhоtоgrарhѕ, tеlling уоu whаt kind оf mаn thеу likе, аnd ѕhаring information about themselves. Yоu could throw аwау аll оf thе оthеr 4 tips аnd оnlу focus оn this оnе аnd have mоrе ѕuссеѕѕ than аll the оthеrѕ combined. Hоw еаѕу is it tо find ѕinglе wоmеn? Whеn уоu fоllоw these five tiрѕ to аttrасt wоmеn you аrе guаrаntееd tо bе mееting women ԛuiсklу. You will hаvе mоrе intеrасtiоnѕ with ѕinglе wоmеn, mоrе dаtеѕ, аnd hаvе a high chance оf finding the wоmаn уоu have always drеаmеd of mееting.


If you’ve been single for a while, then you probably realize how hard it can be to meet someone really great. To find someone great you have to put yourself out there and try new things. There’s lot of relationship advice out there, but we’re going to show you tips that actually work. Perhaps meeting through friends, looking for love at a company / community pick nick or even on a free dating site like Once you find them, you really want to make things last. To create and grow a healthy relationship there are a few important steps involved. Establish Good Communication – Having a transparent communication is very important as it can help to eliminate jealousy and many other issues. Always try to avoid major arguments and see that matters get sorted out with simple communication means. It will help to develop trust at the later stage. Choose Your Battles Carefully – A fight cannot be avoided in any relationship. Always try to understand on what issues fights are going to happen. When an argument starts heating up, always see that you bend a little so that the other person feels that you are adjusting to it. Try to listen what problem your partner and it may so happen that she is saying the right thing. Do Not Go to Sleep Angry – Sort out the fight, if you have any, with your husband, before going to sleep. If you go to sleep angry, then you will wake up angry. Do not raise issues from the past arguments and drag them into the present one. It spoils the relationship to a great extent. Include Him/Her in Your Important Activities – Ask her to spend more time with your friends and family as that may make feel more inclusive in the family. Also spend some time with her family. Don’t Just Listen To Their Words, but The True Meaning As Well – Men typically talk and communicate with other men in a very practical, logical and straight forward way. For example, “Hey Ralph, do you want to try that new Italian place on Thursday? Great, see you then”.  Women on the other hand sometimes want us guys to read between the lines and understand what they truly want. It’s not always easy for us to figure out, but it’s important to try to listen to her feelings, not the words she is saying.  


If you’re looking to meet local singles then you’ve probably considered speed dating. However it has gotten some crud the past few years; it has slowly lost its “spark.” Speed dating is actually a great way to meet someone interesting. When you speed date you have to think of something really interesting to say to grab the persons attention. There is a lot you can learn about a person when they tell you what they think to be the most interesting thing they can say. Here are some of the best tips around to help you make speed dating awesome while still meeting those crazy cool people. Ask open ended questions! Instead of asking yes or no questions like “do you have any pets?” ask questions that allow the other person to actually talk about something. Ask questions like “what are your plans for this summer” and where the last vacation they went on was. You would be surprised how interesting people are when you ask the right questions. Make the other person feel comfortable Not everyone is a social butterfly, some of the people you talk to may still be a little caterpillar. Try to make those people feel comfortable. Don’t judge the other person because they are having an awkward speed dating experience. Instead smile and keep eye-contact. While they may not be the love of your life, just being nice to the person could score you a new friend. Stay confident! People love confidence. When your date starts smile and say hi, don’t shy away. Show them that you’re confident and ready to meet them. If the speed dating is over for the day and you haven’t met anyone you like stay confident as well. There is someone out there for everyone, always remember that. If you shy away from speed dating because you didn’t make any connections you may miss the chance to meet someone special. Have Fun! You don’t need to worry about what your kids with Date #11 will look like. Just have a great conversation with the person. If you are constantly worrying about those details then you won’t notice if the person is actually really great or not. You don’t need to think about your future with them. Even if you don’t meet someone special you will still have met some new people and possibly made some new friends. In the end having fun on a date (or multiple 3 minute dates) is what dating is all about, so sit down relax and have a great time. Speed dating is a fun safe way to meet new people. So why not enjoy it? Above are some of the best and easiest ways to help you enjoy speed dating to its fullest. Dating is about having fun. While speed dating is not as popular as it used to be due to everyone moving online for their dating, speed dating is still a fantastic way to meet new people and branch out a little. […]


You see advertisements for online dating sites all the time on the television, in magazines, and as you browse the web. With some many different options out there how do you decide which online dating site is right for you. Here are a few important criteria you should look for when deciding which website to build a profile on. What Kind of Relationship Do You Desire: Are you looking for someone to just spend time with while having fun, or do you want a more meaningful relationship. The type of relationship that you want will factor into which website you should post a profile to. Different sites draw different types of people and you will want to find a site that has members looking for the same level of commitment as you. For instance, those on are looking for a lasting relationship hoping for it to end in marriage, but those on may be looking for someone who they feel a connection to. Decide on what kind of relationship you want out of this online dating experience before you make profiles on dozens of different sites. 2. How Much Are You Willing to Invest: Some online dating sites charge monthly or annual fees, while others are free. Are you willing to pay a fee to find a date online? The more well known sites such as and both charge a subscription fee for their website because they know many people are on those specific sites in the first place to find a long term relationship. Sites that are directed towards a younger demographic such as  tend not to charge a subscription fee because in general it may be a few years before their users decide that they are ready to settle down. Decide whether you want to commit both your time and your finances to a online site before signing up. 3. What is Important to You: If you are of a certain ethnicity, culture, or religion and those play a key role in your life you will want to find a online dating site where you can find romance with a like minded person. There are many online dating sites that cater to specific groups of people. You can also find an online dating website for your favorite hobbies or the things that you love. There are even online dating sites for dog lovers. If you go the more general route of online dating by posting on major websites, it may take you a long time to find someone who has common interests with you. If you narrow down your profile to a few specific niches though, you are much more likely to find someone that you have common ground with right away. Online dating sites can be hard to navigate, especially for a beginner. If you sit down and focus on what you want out of this experience, you will save yourself time and possibly heartache as you continue to look for romance. […]


Dating can be expensive and if you are on a limited income this can mean you avoid dates in order to also avoid embarrassment. You put in a lot of effort to meet cool local singles so you want your first date to go well. When you meet someone new, you want to impress them, especially in a online dating relationship when you are meeting face to face for the first time. The typical dinner and a movie date can be very costly and many people are still uncomfortable asking for their date to split the bill, at least in the beginning of a relationship.  This traditional option is also frankly, pretty dull. While men have planned and paid for dates in the past, more and more single women are taking the lead. This list is comprised of three different date options that can be fun for both parties and have a small price tag. Here a few romantic dates that won’t cost you much and will still let you and your date have a good time. 1. A trip to your local museum: Many people are unaware that many city art museums are free and open to the public. Call your local museum and ask about the fees that they charge if any. Many museums charge less than $10, which is less than the price of a movie ticket in most parts of the country. Viewing pieces of art will give you plenty to talk about and give you perspective into the mind of your date. If you are in an online dating and in a long distance relationship, this is also a great way to show your date some of the local culture as well as make it a memorable visit.   2. See  your local  parks: Parks are a great place for a date and they also happen to absolutely free! In a park you can enjoy the beauty of nature and go for long walks while getting to know each other. This type of date is perfect for outdoorsy types who can also enjoy a bike ride, a hike on a trail, or even some outdoor sports. A park is a great place for a date because it has something for everyone. While your city parks are often closer, if you live a short distance from a state park, go and check it out. Many state parks offer wildlife that you can’t see within the city limits, as well as more activities such as swimming in the lake, informative classes, or free open air concerts and productions. Check the schedule of your local parks to see what interesting activities you and your date can enjoy.   3. Volunteer with a cause you are passionate about: More and more single women and men alike are using their free time to volunteer with a cause that they are passionate about. Whether you enjoy helping animals at your local shelter, tutoring kids that struggle in school, or building houses […]

Online Dating Tips – How to get a date

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Online dating has become more popular than ever nowadays, and there are tens of thousands of marriages resulting from this dating method every single year. For this reason, online dating services become more and more present, offering everyone a chance at finding their soul mate. Many of these services have begun offering relationship advice to their members in order to increase their chances at succeeding to get a date because the world of online dating is quite different than in the physical world. There are many free online dating sites out there, and when you are searching for one, you should first consider your goals and what exactly are you looking for. There are several types of such dating services. There are general dating websites, which provide you with the ability to see anyone who is interested in dating and then there are the more specialized online dating sites, which focus on building relationships. There are also the so-called niche dating sites, which focus more on specific groups of people with an important aspect in common such as age, financial status and so on. All of these can be free online dating sites available to you depending on what you are looking for. Decide what you goal is and then pursue it on the website, which suits you best. The first step you must take once you find the free online dating website of your choice is to make an appropriate profile. It is of utmost importance to dedicate to dedicate enough time to build an attractive profile. Always remain positive with an upbeat tone and make your profile as fun and alive as you can. Avoid negativity at all costs, no woman desires a man with a highly negative way of thinking. Stay positive and focus on describing yourself vividly and accurately. It would also be recommended to add a recent photo of yourself; otherwise you will end up being ignored. Now that you completed the first step you can move on at trying to find someone who matches your own personality as closely as possible. Having points in common will lead to fun discussions and a higher rate of interest. Once you established communication, the best relationship advice when pursuing your date is to be communicative in a fun and polite way, while also avoiding any lies, which can get in your way in the future. Once your attractive personality and charming, positive manner has managed to get yourself the first date, you need to prepare yourself for the most important step, the first meeting. Making the first date memorable for your date will be the single most important part, which will determine whether you will end up having a relationship or not. The best possible relationship advice when dating, as well as beginning a relationship, is to be confident and positive. Confidence is the most important attribute as long as you remain polite and charming. If your first impression is a success, then you are most likely […]