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Approaching single women is no easy task. Any man knows that. Unfortunately men have egos and this is where the problem comes in. Know how to talk to girls in everyday situations is very helpful.  Some men use cheesy pick-up lines, others have elaborate schemes whereby the entire process is so smooth the women is so charmed by the guy she doesn’t realize what is happening. Whatever your approach (or lack) thereof, rest assured approaching a women is most certainly a daunting task but if you try and relax, it will make things happen a lot easier. Here are some great ways in which you can approach the lovely lady you’ve just spotted without coming across as a total prat… I know this is an old one (local singles will agree), but hey, it works: offer to buy the lady a drink! Casually saunter up to her and make the offer. If she says no, well, you had nothing to lose, did you? If she says yes, then do your best to make some friendly conversation, asking her some (decent) questions about herself and showing genuine interest in her as a person. You should, never, ever say, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” because this is the oldest cliché in the history of clichés. However, if you use an alternative (like, “I’m pretty sure you went to my middle school!” or “You went to UCLA, didn’t you?”) or something along those lines, that is a great ice-breaker. Another very effective way of approaching a lady is asking her a question. A relevant one to the situation you’re in. For example, say you’re at the bus stop, you could ask her if she knows what time the bus is coming as you don’t have a copy of the bus schedule. Then, follow this up with another relevant question to do with the same topic and try to start a conversation from there. You never know where this may lead! Too shy to talk to her? Well, how about doing it on social media? If you’re already friends with her on Facebook, then great! Try commenting on one or two of her recent (never older than 2 weeks – because that is just stalkerish) posts and see what happens. She may just comment back and you’ll have a virtual conversation on your hands! Unfortunately, this is an extremely platonic and cowardly way of approaching a woman and you will eventually have to to do it in person, but it is a great way of sussing out whether or not she likes you. If you’re not one for beating around the bush and don’t like playing games, you could always try the direct approach. Women find this refreshingly honest and, this way, at least you will have an answer immediately! If you like the look of a lady, why not simply ask her if you can take her out on a date or for some coffee? Again, the worst that could happen is […]

Great first date ideas

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You have gotten over the major hurdle of asking him or her out, congratulations! Now, the next task is to take your date out on the first date. Check out these awesome first date ideas. Traditionally, the first date would be a coffee or dinner date and this has become, whole really classic, quite mundane. There are a number of options when it comes to first dates which can be indoors or outdoors. The one thing I believe is key in choosing that first crucial date location is to be aware of his or her interests. I can guarantee that half the work is done when you show that you are interested in your date’s interests. However, ensure that the date spot chosen is a compromise so you do not feel like pulling your teeth out for going for a 4 hour one-man show. If you got your first date through dating websites, it means you have discussed the other person’s hobbies and interests, so you can get creative with this information. It is sometimes advised to go for drinks or cocktails because alcohol and a first date don’t go down well. This is because one of you may not be a drinker while the other is a ‘drink you under the table’ type of person. In addition, alcohol impairs your judgment and this may not make a good impression you or your date. There are some few ideas you can try out. Cooking Class: I must admit, the idea behind this is to not only learn some new culinary tricks but to also gauge if your date is capable of whipping up more than a sandwich should the relationship mature. A cooking class is a great way to have a good time, learn how to make some new dishes and also learn more about your date while the timer on that oven is on the move. A picnic: A picnic can either be indoors or outdoors, although for the first date, an outdoor one is preferable. Carry some of your date’s favorite dishes and bottle of wine and simply enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the fresh air. A walk in the Park or Beach: This is definitely depending on where you live and if there are beaches or parks in your area. A walk around the block will also do. A walk is a great way to talk and learn more about one another. The good thing about a walk in the park is you do not have to get overdressed or have your hair done and it can be as relaxed as you let it. Many single women will love a man who wants to talk and listen to them talking about their favorite topics. Visit a festival or outdoor movie: Select a festival that fits both your interests in order to enjoy yourselves. Further, some festivals or parks have outdoor movie showings and this is a good way of getting to know your date better while […]

Date ideas- Tips for that first meetup

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To be sure the first date progresses into the next consecutive ones take care to follow certain date ideas and tips: Plan on a short date The first date should always be short so that you do not get stuck with someone you find boring or unattractive. If the opposite happens and you find that you are enjoying each other’s company you can always set the second date soon and make it to last longer. Avoid tardiness The first date is a chance to get to know each other. Before you go on that date, there is a lot of room for speculation. See that you avoid this very occurrence. Don’t be late and make your date speculate that they have stood you up when all there is to it is, you could merely be running a little late. Don’t set a wrong image about yourself in the very first date. Discuss on the dress code if any If there is a dress code to be followed for the venue chosen for your first date, be sure to discuss that with your date. This has to be specially remembered when you opt for online dating as you do not have a chance to directly converse. This will ensure that both of you are appropriately dressed and avoid embarrassment of any kind. Be appreciative and avoid criticism Set the right mood for your first date by offering a compliment when something about your date strikes you as appealing. At the same time do not criticize even if you do not like something about your date. Your intention should be to make your date comfortable. Do not get drunk Many dates have turned disastrous when alcohol comes into the picture. Control your alcohol intake. It is better yet to avoid going to bars on your first date. Converse well and listen more On the first date discomfort can be shelved by having the conversation flowing. Be a good talker but listen intently as well. This will not only create interest and make you get to know the person but it will make them feel that you are interested in them too. Carry a simple gift Make an impression on your first date. Go for a simple gift but avoid splurging exorbitant amounts on it. A bunch of roses will set the mood to pleasant and happy while a box of chocolates make it sweet and exciting. You can even go in for a book but keep the topic general. Give importance to your appearance Grooming is a very important aspect of dating whether it is your first date or any consecutive number of dates. Dress well but not excessively. Make yourself attractive by choosing the right kind of clothes that flatter but does not embarrass. Be very conscious of your hygiene. Use a mouth freshener and wear deodorants or perfume. This tip is highlighted in all dating websites as well. Make your dating experience a pleasant one both for yourself and your […]


Online dating has become an usual thing in the last few decade, even though at first finding new people online and chatting with them was a great achievement. Right now, dating websites are the most popular way of finding your soulmate and in fact they created millions of families all over the globe. The online dating process clearly shows that everything is possible as long as you are open to technology. However, the main reason that brings you to online dating is the fact that through the web you get the chance to actually meet thousands of people in your area and enter their lives, something that would be unavailable in real life. This is one of the main advantages of dating websites, the fact that you can literally meet dozens of even hundreds of persons that you might be interested in, all in a single day for example. Alongside that, dating websites also offer diversity, because you have the opportunity to people the users in your area based on sex, age or interests. This way you will be able to find a person that suits your demands much faster. On top of that, online dating is very comfortable, since you get to sit in your chair, in front of your laptop, and just browse through the profiles of other users. Dating websites bring a lot of convenience and ease of use that make using such a site a sheer delight. You can send messages or start a chat with the person that you are interested in, and, after a few messages, you can even date that person, which is really interesting. So, thanks to dating websites you can meet new people, who share your passions and which want to talk to you, something that can be hard to obtain in real life, especially if you are a person that doesn’t go out that much. Thankfully, online dating removes all those barriers and makes the whole experience a very interesting one! Dating websites will also help you become more confident. It can be hard in real life to see exactly who likes you or who is interested in you, but online dating makes that very easy. All dating websites show exactly who saw your profile, and that certainly provides you with a boost of confidence that would otherwise be very hard to acquire through other means. In the online world you can meet honest people that want to share their emotions and experiences with you. This makes online dating amazing, because thanks to it you can have a lot of fun as you explore the world and meet new people. Of course, you are free to share as much information as you want online, and thanks to the profiles posted on dating websites you can see how the person looks, where he/she went during vacations and stuff like that. Online dating as well as dating websites offer you the opportunity to learn more about a person even before you get […]


Most of the men as of today are already switching to online dating since it is the easiest and the most effective way of meeting huge numbers of women. But, not all the time best online dating sites provides successful and happy experiences at the end since there are also common mistakes that can be seen in the process of meeting other people online. There are wrong actions done either of the men or women making the dating process dull and unrealistic. To give you an idea of some of the wrong actions during online dating, here are some of the common mistakes that can be observed in this type of dating process and these are as follows: Suspicious Photos Online There are instances that the posted image of the person online is very suspicious. This is due to the fact that people tend to post pictures and images which are the opposite of their real features and appearance. This is truly a mistake since you opt to gain the trust of the person whom you wanted to have a date with but you are trying to let them believe with lies. In this sense, you need to show them the real picture of yours and assessed if they are going to accept the real truth behind you or not. Moving Too Quick Most of the people who are part of online dating sites tend to move too quickly towards meeting people personally. This is a common mistake especially you need to take every process in online dating slow. You need to know the person first before allowing yourself to meet them in person. You need to allow a couple of time messaging them before suggesting to meet them up. Know them first online especially their attitude in order to assure that you are ready to meet them personally when the right time comes. Never ask a girl to have your date with the first message you are going to sent her. You need to create some sort of interaction, intrigue and connection with each other before an actual date comes. Easily Giving Up If you have sent your message to people online and you got no reply, you need to pick up yourself and opt to try again for the next time. There are huge numbers of people who are singles you can deal with who are persistent and open to meet you. Do not give you up someone who is not worth for your time and rather make them as your motivation to look for deserving people you can have online dating with. Common mistakes in online dating can’t be avoided especially to those men who are really showing their aggressiveness in dating the women they really desire for. But, in order to obtain successful and satisfying online dating experience, you need to be very careful and take online dating process at its slow process in order to set everything on the right time. In this sense, you […]


Chances are that if you’re reading this right now, you’re a single man or woman trying to find that one person you can be with for a long time and have the perfect relationship. It might be taking you a long time to find that perfect someone, but why would that be? You followed all of the dating “rules” and every shred of advice you’ve ever heard or read, so what’s the problem? We’ll show you some tips on how to meet girls and get them excited about you. First of all, no one is blaming you for listening to all that bad advice and trying to get yourself out there in the dating world. It’s completely alright; it’s just that you didn’t know.  Believe it or not, you are not the only person in the world with this problem.  So, with that being said, without further ado, here are the 4 biggest pieces of dating advice that you should NOT follow. 1. “Play hard to get” This can be okay in the beginning, maybe for the first few days. If you play TOO hard to get though and for too long, your person of interest is just going to assume that you don’t like them, and move on to the next person. This doesn’t mean you should say “hi” on day one and then jump all over them on day two, it simply means to show that you are available and interested, but in a more discreet and promising manner. 2. “Change yourself” In a way, this can be good advice. Only if you’re changing your bad mannerisms to something good, though. Changing yourself as long as it’s positive and for your best interest is okay, changing yourself on the outside, however, just to please one person is never a good thing. If your person of interest asks you to change anything about your outer self so that you’ll be more attractive to them, don’t mess with that person anymore. If someone can’t appreciate your inner and outer beauty, they are not right for you.   3. “Constantly talk to them” This can mean emails, texts, instant messages, or phone calls. Sending small messages every once in a while is completely okay, but messaging them every two minutes if they don’t reply is NOT good. Remember, they’re probably just busy! If it turns out they are ignoring you for no reason, it’s time to find someone else.   4. “You HAVE to have sex” This is something that everyone hears at some point in their love lives. This is very, very incorrect. You never HAVE to give yourself to anyone, especially if you’re not ready and it’s only to make them like you. If your person of interest tries to make you have sex with them when you’re not ready, it’s best to walk away. Never give in to something like that, and keep your dignity. Your soul mate is out there somewhere looking for you too, never give […]

5 Signs of a Bad Date

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If you’re single, you may find yourself on the dating scene to meet new people and prospective mates.  Dating can be a nerve-wrecking experience in itself.  Just the idea of meeting someone new, getting to know them, and determining if they’d be a good fit in your life for the long haul is hard to do on one date. Unfortunately there are people out there who don’t have the best intentions or may not be a good fit for you, but they may only pretend to be the person you want for the first few dates in order to gain your trust.  A way to avoid future disappointment is to look for signs of a bad date during the 1st date, or even dates to follow, which will give you clues as to whether or not the person is a good fit for you. Here are 5 signs of a bad date to look out for when meeting potential mates: 1) They’re late. If your date shows up late, this could be signs of a possible problem in the future and can also imply that the person may not be as reliable, or doesn’t keep their word. 2) Your date is rude or has bad etiquette. If your date is rude during conversation with you or others you come in contact with while out on your date, it may be a sign that their rudeness is a character trait that you’d have to deal with ongoing. 3) Bad hygiene or unimpressionable appearance. If your date has bad hygiene or their appearance is less than impressionable, this could be a sign of ongoing problems in this area in the future.  First impressions are everything, so your date should be looking their best. 4) They don’t make eye contact. When someone doesn’t make eye contact with you it can give you the feeling that they’re being dishonest about something.  Pay attention to this when talking and asking questions for signs. 5) They’re constantly making sexual comments and conversation. Unless you’re only looking for a friend with benefits, a first date encounter with a person who’s constantly making sexual references can be uncomfortable, and a sign that this person may only be looking for a one-night stand.

Common First Date Mistakes

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Before you head out on the first date with someone, you do all that you can to prepare. From fresh threads to a new do, you’re out to impress. Unfortunately, with all the time and work most people put into a first date, there are always a handful of common mistakes that daters make that can ruin the potential of a new partner no matter how hard you’re trying. Make sure to dodge these common first mistakes. Playing With Your Phone Checking your Facebook status or texting your friends is a sign that you’re not interested. Put the phone away or turn it off, at least until the second date. Talking About the Ex If you start rambling on about how psychotic your ex is, your date is going to think that you’re actually still very enthralled with them. It’s an easy way to make the first date your last date. Not Letting the Other Person Talk Conversation is a two-way street, and whether or not you love to talk, you should always be trying to ask more questions than you answer. Rambling on about your passions without letting the other person talk is a sure 2nd date killer. Assuming You’re Getting Some Guys are the main culprit here, but we’re sure that there are guilty girls. Having the notion that you’re going to get laid and taking your date “somewhere quiet” without at least testing the waters is a bad move that will land you right back on FreshDate. We enjoy your company, anyway. Offering to Go Dutch Girls, there’s one for you too. While there are times that one person may insist to pay, not at least offering to go Dutch on a first date tells the other person that you’re a gold digger. It’s one of the first signs that tells guys to run.