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Relationship Advice Women Wish Men Knew

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The movie where Mel Gibson could read the minds of women seems to have misled men into thinking they have ever been close to breaking the code that is women. ‘What women want’ was depicted as an insight into a woman’s mind through a man who could read women’s minds and yet it seemed to stir the notion that men were inching closer to figuring out their feminine counterparts. The subtleties of women are not understood by themselves either and that is what makes them such a special and rare species. Women often seek the simplest things from men but in the haste to impress, overlook those to go for flashy and over the top expressions of interest and status. This relationship advice could change your whole approach to dating. ‘That don’t impress me much’ is a song women often wish men listened to as it would make their lives plenty easy. She insinuates the presence of all the money, cars and material things would not sway her in who gets her heart or even in her pants. Shocking considering she is a worldwide superstar (Shania Twain) and while it is improbable to picture her with a miner or store worker, she has put it out there that whoever would want to win her over would need to do so without their assets coming before the person. This is the biggest thing women wish men knew as it would reduce the pressure on the man to make a material impression rather create an emotional connection. The other things in life are amazing but without the heart and connection, the women are never impressed, not for long enough anyway. Men also mistakenly assume women have intentions for long term relationships all the time. Should a man be on a date and start to project long term relationship goals and marriage ideas then he would have made the error of assuming he is the one chosen by the lady. Women prefer to be cherry picked and any rash assumptions or indications of a done deal will quickly leave you unattended to and un-fancied. This is not to mean they may not see it but the thrill of going on a whirlwind romance and enjoying the chase and courting make dating an experience women prefer to go on eyes closed but leash set. Be careful to enjoy the date as a moment leading to another but be aware there could be many suitors you have to beat out. Single women are more and more turning to online dating with the advent of the professional woman upon us. The modern woman is a career woman who lacks time to court one and another and thus online dating sites, speed dating and dating games are a quick way to sample the masses and make her pick. These greatly reduce the amount of time she would take to know things about somebody and also let her explore options she might not have been aware of like […]


You’ve created tons of profiles on online dating sites and have been sending messages with a few potential daters. After going back and forth a bit, you’ve mutually decided to finally go out on a first date and are looking forward to the big event when you’ll see each other in person for the first time. If you want to increase your chances of going on a second date even before the first date takes place you’re going to have to consider a few essential things to make a great first impression. Just follow our must-ready first date advice.  After all, your performance on a first date will determine if a future relationship is possible. Here are some tips on how to rock that first date: 1. Look nice and smell good You don’t want to show up on a first date looking like a slob and smelling as if you’ve just come back from the gym. In order to make a good first impression, you’ll need to take some pride in your overall appearance. Do whatever is necessary to look your best so if that means a quick haircut, shave or whatever, make sure you get it done before the big night. Also, wear something appropriate for the date. If you’re going to a nice restaurant for dinner, take the time to dress up, but if you’re just grabbing some coffee, make sure you’re not wearing clothing with holes or any offensive graphics on it. Ladies, dress sexy but know that you don’t have to show off the “goods” to make a first impression, either.  2. Have good manners Since you’ll want to how off your best self on a first date, it’s important to have good manners. Guys, open doors for ladies and hold the chair out for your date to help her sit. And always be polite. Remember to say thank you, chew with your mouth closed, and other good table etiquette you to show you have manners.  3. Respect On a first date, both parties should respect each other. Don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking and it’s rude to constantly check your phone while on a date. Actively listen to what the other is saying and really engage them in conversation. If you show them respect, they’ll show you respect.  4. Be confident A first date can be a very nerve wrecking experience, but don’t let your nerves get to you. It’s totally normal to be nervous and anxious but don’t let it show. Instead, be confident because more than likely they’ll pick up on your nervousness and that may be a turnoff if you’re mumbling your words and keep fidgeting.  5. Conversation Make sure to keep the conversation flowing. Since you’re both getting to know each other, come up with a list of questions before the date and bring them up during the date so that you always have something to talk about. Just don’t bring out a piece of paper because they might make you look like […]


Women date mostly in the hope of meeting the right guy and settling down in life. I’m sure you’ve heard that piece of relationship advice before.  At times they might have trouble doing so in the right way and need relationship advice. With many options available for dating including a multitude of dating websites, chances of taking the wrong steps also increase. It’s best to first find out what you are doing wrong in your dating life before proceeding any further in the area. Listed below are six of them: You need not make yourself available readily even if you like the guy you want to date. The right step is to make yourself accessible so he can approach you easily. Work on your appearance and life style. If you are confident and happy, you will naturally attract attention and things start from there. Do not call a man soon after he gives you his card. Give him your number if you are interested in him and let him make the first call. That’s the usual practice and men admire women who follow it. Do not give your assent when he comes up with a last minute invitation for a date. You will have to get across the message that you need to be asked well in advance for a date. A date has to be set formally and not an impromptu plan to spend time together. This will make him respect your time and get the idea that you are not looking for just a fling. But once the date is set, be sure to take the trouble to look good, show interest in the conversation and enjoy each other’s company. Be acutely aware of what you are going to converse about. Avoid getting into very private topics in the initial dates. Do not take up subjects like a conversation about your pet dog or a shopping spree. This may be of great interest to you but will bore your date enormously. Keep the conversation on a general ground that will interest both of you. Always follow your instinct. If you are not comfortable with any moves he makes, do not hesitate to make your discomfort clear. You should set the standards on how you want to be treated right in the beginning of the relationship. Tell him your point of view softly and make him understand rather than loud rejections. Be frugal on the alcohol on a date. Even if the guy insists, it will never do to get drunk and send out the wrong signals. Avoid choosing a bar for a date and go to some other place. Even if you like a guy more than the others you have been out with, don’t rush into a relationship. Avoid getting attached too fast and give yourself time to observe his nature and tastes. This will save you a lot of heart break if things don’t turn out well or set the foundation for a strong relationship if […]


Recently, men and women who are still single have turned into dating websites to finally find their perfect match. If you have been going out for a long time now but still failed to find a partner, it might be about time to consider how the internet can be beneficial in terms of being able to find you a date, and hopefully, a partner in the future. However, for most women, there is often a doubt on whether to give it a try or not, and there is hesitation to make the first move. If you see a profile of a guy you truly like, with all of the characteristics and interests matching yours, will you still not make the first move? Well, it is now 2014. Gone were the days wherein only men are making the initiative to ask a woman for a date. There is totally nothing wrong about making the first move, and this is surely one thing that will not make you look bad or cheap in the eyes of men. Why You Should Take the First Step If you are one of the many single women out there, you can have a spark of hope to find the man you deserve by making the first move. According to research in the past, women are natural initiators. When they make eye contact to men, or when they let out a smile, this is already an indication that they are interested. Therefore, there is nothing wrong about sending the first message or email to the person you really like. More so, making the first move in dating websites should be also done because it allows you to be on the driver seat. By showing the initiative, you are basically taking control of your happiness, and even of the entire situation. You will be able to dictate what should be done next and how to proceed. More often than not, you will have a say in the things that will follow. Lastly, single women should initiate the move to ask a guy on a date because it increases your self-confidence. As it has been mentioned in the earlier paragraph, this will let you drive your own happiness. In this way, it adds up to you self-esteem, knowing the fact that you have initiated a move to ask someone out. Tips in making The First Move To succeed in asking someone out from dating websites, one of the first things you should remember is to flirt. This should come out naturally and will surely excite men to go out with you. Nonetheless, when flirting, make sure to know your limit so you will not appear too low. You should be bold and should know what you are doing or where you are heading. Never make a man feel intimidated, but never make it appear that you have low trust on yourself as well. Be straightforward and avoid beating around the bush.


We’ve all had those moments when you come home after a date with someone you really liked, said “goodnight” and closed the door, slapped your hand to your forehead, and asked yourself why you did or said all of those things. Every now and then we can all use a little relationship advice. Yes, it may seem that you were just the unlucky one in this situation, but no. This happens almost every day to people out in the dating world everywhere.  Whether it was a date with a man or a woman, it still has to be executed correctly and in the most positive and respectful manner.  Perhaps you read the other dating advice article on the “5 biggest turnoffs for women/men”. Think of this article as kind of like a part 2. In this article, you will learn how to better yourself for your next date, rather than learn what you did wrong on that one date that you will most likely remember forever. 1. Always Be Respectful To Your Date This includes not commenting on anything physical on your date. That could go one of two ways. Your date will either be extremely flattered and start thinking about things other than trying to have a relationship with you, or your date will wonder what your intentions with dating really are. The first possible outcome may sound good at first, but the next day you will wish it had gone another way. 2. Have Better Hygiene As you should already know, no one wants to go on a date with smelly breath and unwashed clothing. This will only leave you being dateless, and still having dirty clothes. Please, always look your best on a date. Your chances of getting a second date with that person will increase tenfold with bodily hygiene. 3. Don’t Talk About Your Past Too Much Usually when on a date, your date doesn’t want to talk too much about the past. Talking a little bit about your childhood and your parents is okay, and maybe even talking about what your ex did to make you want to leave them. Only lightly touch on these subjects to avoid making your date think that they are only a rebound, and to avoid making your date think that you only need a therapist. 4. Don’t Constantly Check Your Phone This is one of the biggest reason that some people only get one date from someone. When you are on a date, you should be paying attention to your person of interest and having nice conversations, not talking to your friend about how hot you think your date is. 5. Don’t Only Talk About Yourself No one likes someone who is overly confident, and very rarely do those people ever get a second date. Be humble, but still feel good about yourself.

How to talk to girls

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How often have you seen a girl you wanted to talk to but as soon as you did you just clammed up? It happens all the time, you could be the most confident guy in town but as soon as you start talking to a girl, you lose all your confidence and start talking gibberish. In this article I will teach you, how to talk to any girl you want, how to keep the conversation flowing and how to get her to give YOU her number. The first thing you need to do when talking to a girl is relax, after all, she is just a girl. Before you even approach a girl try this simple exercise, breath in through your nose as deeply as you can and slowly count to five, now you need to exhale deeply from your mouth and keep pushing out your breath and as you do so, slowly count to ten, that’s right breath in for the count of five and out for the count of ten. Feel relaxed? Great, now you’re ready to approach the girl. I won’t go into the opening approach or initial contact here because that’s a topic all by itself. Instead we are going to assume that you have already made introductions and you are now ready to have a conversation. Ok, so the first thing you need to do is ask open questions. An open question is a question that requires more than a yes or no answer. For example asking a girl if she has had a nice day is a closed question as she can simply reply, yes or no. However asking a girl what she has been up to today will give her more opportunity to talk and share her day with you. If she says she has been out riding her bike, you could then ask her how long she has been cycling? Does she ride professionally or just for fun? What does she like about cycling, Etc. Asking all open-ended questions allows the conversation to keep flowing. The next step is to listen and when I say listen, I mean really listen, just be quiet and let her talk. Girls love a man who really listens to what she is saying. Don’t just nod your head and act like you are listening, a girl will see right through this, instead nod your head but also interject and ask clarifying questions as she is talking.  On the subject of nodding your head, don’t just nod and agree with everything she says. If there is something she says that you don’t agree with, tell her so. Women don’t like men who don’t have their own opinions. The third and final step in this short guide is to make a connection. How can you make a connection? Well you can use the mirroring and echoing technique. As she is talking and you are intently listening, subtly copy her body language, if she tilts her head to the […]

5 Biggest Turn Offs for Women

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Meeting women is difficult enough; starting a conversation, sometimes even harder. The last thing you need to do is sabotage yourself. Whether it’s the first time you are getting to know each other or several dates down the line, these are 5 of the biggest turn offs for (most) women. 1)     A Big Ego: There’s a fine line between confident and being narcissistic. It’s great to be proud of your career; it’s bad to talk non-stop about how highly you’re revered in the office. You can mention that the gym is part of your lifestyle without bragging about how much you lift. Women love confident and successful men, but they don’t love men who seem to talk themselves up. It comes off as trying too hard. 2)     Insecurity: On the other hand, being obviously insecure is a big turn off, too. You wouldn’t want to date a woman who lacks confidence or doubts herself constantly, so why should she date a man like that? 3)     Being Cheap: No, we’re not saying you need to impress with 5 star meals and a constant barrage of gifts. But taking her to a fast food place for a quick bite (unless you’ve been dating a good while) or coaxing her to pay for most outings is going to raise an eyebrow. Hey, we live in 2013; women love to pay and hold their own too. But it’s important that in the times you do treat her out, you do so respectfully and not look like you’re pinching pennies constantly. 4)     Harping on Exes: This goes for both sexes, but talking about your ex can really put the kibosh on a relationship. It’s totally fine to bring her up when it is relevant in conversation, and only to make a point or express a past experience. Don’t bad mouth your ex, or she’ll be ready to expect the same if things go sour. And don’t rave about them either; you’ll just make her feel like she doesn’t stack up. 5)     Gawking at Other Women: Let’s face it, when a pretty woman walks down the street, you’re aware of it. But when you are with her, don’t ever, EVER take a look longer than a split second. Finding people attractive is natural, but showing it outwardly is going to make her feel inadequate. Women notice hot men too, they just tend to be a little better about keeping their focus on their present company!

Are free dating websites better than paid ones?

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Those that are looking to find that special someone that they can spend the rest of their life with are going to find that there are several dating services that they can utilize. Most of these are an online dating service which is going to allow a person to find that special someone within the comforts of their own home. This is something that is always on the minds of most people as they tend to worry whether or not that special someone is out there or not. With that being said, the one dating service world is full of different types of sites. There are those sites that are free and those that the person has to pay for. The main question that is asked by single people wanting to meet local singles is whether they should pay for this information or go through a free dating site. There are several benefits to utilizing a free dating site that is going to make this the choice for most people that want to find someone that they have interests with. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that this is free. The majority of those dating sites that are going to need payment are going to require a monthly payment in order to look at the matches that they have. And when comparing the profiles that are seen on paid dating sites compared to the free dating sites on the web, there really is no difference. Thus, it brings to mind why someone would pay for information that they can find for free. Secondly, the free dating sites usually have more members on it since it is free. This is going to expand the number of people that the person could possibly meet. This means that there is a higher chance of finding that perfect match and meeting people that will continue to be a friend for years to come. Most people enjoy the freedom that they have with the free dating sites that are out there when compared to the paid for sites. With a free service the person can search and send emails to those that they are interested in finding. The paid for service usually only allows the person to be matched up with those that their programs believe are a match for that person. Though several people find love through utilizing tests that measure just what the person wants in a significant other, there are still people that prefer to find this out on their own through dating a few people until they find the right one. With all the free sites that are out there for the person to choose from, there is no reason that anyone should feel as though they cannot find a date for a special event or attempt to find their perfect match. These sites are numerous and a person is not limited to choosing just one dating site. Since these sites are free the more that the person utilizes […]


Sometimes you meet someone and seem to hit it off right away. They’re fun, you have great chemistry and you just seem to click. There is one real question. Is this love or just infatuation (AKA. lust). Sometimes when you’re physically attracted to someone it’s easy to over look some of his or her shortcomings. We tend to have rose-colored glasses and only see the best in them, (and selectively overlook the worst). I’m sure most of us have been there. It may not be until after you break up that you start to see things for how they really were. So if love really is blind, how can you get an honest, non-bias look at this person and see if the two of you really are a great fit. Fasten your seat belts because we’re going to give you 8 sure-fire ways to take off the rose-colored glasses and see whom they really are. 1- Do you get excited whenever they call or text you? A good sign of how compatible you are is your over all excitement level when they call. Does your heart start to race when you get a text message from them? Do you get goose bumps when you see them on the caller ID? If not, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. However, if you do, it’s a good sign. Over time your excitement will naturally ebb and flow, but there should certainly be some sparks in the beginning. Otherwise, if there isn’t any excitement at the beginning of your relationship, then what will it be like after you’ve been together a while. 2- Do you have chemistry? When you’re together, do things just seem to click? When you talk to certain people the conversation just seem to naturally flow, but even a short conversation with other people can seem like attending a tax seminar. There’s not always an easy way to describe it, but sometimes you just meet someone and immediately hit it off. You can just sense that you two go well together. Don’t be too quick to rush to judgment on this one. It may take a couple of dates until you hit it off with some people. But when you have chemistry with someone, it’s a great thing. 3- Do you have great conversations? Let’s just be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we can thing we’re in love when we’re actually just in lust or infatuation.  If the best thing about them is that you think they’re hot, you may need to dig a little deeper. It’s one thing to feel attracted to how someone looks, but it’s a whole other level to meet someone you can really talk to. Just ask yourself if you can have great conversations with them. If not, then you’re really missing out. The physical attraction only goes so far and last for so long. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge believer in physical attraction. What you really want is someone you’re into both physically […]

Power-Packed First Date Questions

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Everyone knows that that first date is all about deciding if you have any potential together as a couple. If you don’t hit it off or the chemistry just isn’t there, then it’s pretty much over. And of course a big part of figuring this out is getting to know one another.  There are the obvious, yet generic, questions that everyone uses- such as what do you do, and where are you from. To get a better idea of who they really are and what they’re all about, we’ve put together the follow power-packed list of  “get-to-know-you” question. These will help keep it fun and interesting, without getting too nose, or invasive.  You don’t want to get too personal, or come off like a determined district attorney who won’t stop till they get to the truth. Try to keep it fun, light and friendly.  But a word or warning. If you’re going to ask any of these patent-pending ice-breaking questions, then be prepared to answer them yourself. Do you like to travel and where’s the most interesting place you’ve been? This is a good way to get them talking about themselves. Everyone has a couple of good stories about places they’ve been. This is also a good way to see what you have in common. Even if they’ve never had the chance to go anywhere, they may still want to see the world. What are the qualities of your ideal relationship? You want to get an idea of what they are looking for in a relationship and this should do just that. It’s helpful to know from the start if they’re looking for something really serious and long term, or more casual. This can be a big area of incompatibility for many couples. If one person wants to be serious and exclusive, yet the other doesn’t, then it can be a bad fit. What’s your favorite book or movie? Ideally you want to be with someone who has similar tastes and enjoys the kinds of things that you do.  This shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it can be very insightful. Once I asked this to a girl I had started dating. She said she doesn’t like movies because she didn’t have the attention span to sit through one. Talk about a red flag.  I knew she wasn’t a ditz, because she was highly educated. But man, did this tell me a lot about her. Up to that point, she seemed like this cool, confident girl, but in the end she turned out to be pretty flightily and unreliable. What do you like to do for fun? Sometimes very light-hearted, seemingly simple questions can tell you a lot about someone else. This is the perfect example. If they can’t even come up with a decent answer then it’s possible they may be kind of boring, (but maybe that’s what you’re looking for). On the other hand, you might learn a lot of new interesting things about them and even connect […]