Date Advice for Men- Boosting Your Online Dating Profile

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When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Here’s some great dating advice for men who want to get results.  Learn how to boost your online dating profile with some quick, simple and data-backed tips:

1.   Master the art of selfies

Just a few years ago, taking selfies was considered bad taste and plain embarrassing. Today, however, knowing how to take a good selfie can mean the difference between finding a date and spending Friday night on the couch, watching soap operas. Not convinced? Research suggests that female profiles with selfies tend to receive 4% more messages. Even better news if you’re a guy, since male profiles with selfies receive on average 8-10% more messages!

2.   Words: know how to use them

Some words tend to attract more attention than others. Honesty generally increases both female and male odds, when it comes to online dating. Words such as “divorce”, “ex”, “son”, “daughter”, “separate” can boost your online dating profile and help you receive on average up to 50% more hits – but only, if you’re a guy. Female profiles that use these words tend to receive around 7% less messages. So, what to do, if you’re a girl? Use words such as “dinner”, “drinks” or “lunch” – this is a clear indicator you know what you want and can get you up to 75% more messages and replies!

3.   Timing, timing, timing…

Timing is everything, especially in the online dating world. According to research, most women are active between 10 and 11 pm, while men tend to show greater activity in the morning – between 9 and 10 am. The “dead” zone you should avoid at all costs is between 2 and 3 pm.

4.   Commit

First to your dating profile, then to the potential date candidates. Make sure you post and update your profile regularly – thousands of people join online dating websites every week, so you need to make sure your profile is fresh and up-to-date. A new picture every couple of weeks can truly do wonders!

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