Dating Advice Everyone Should Know

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Dating Advice Everyone Should Know

With online dating, speed dating, and apps like Tinder changing the face of dating, many of the old adages about relationships no longer apply. Of course, many still do. How do you know what advice to follow and what to dump? Here is modern relationship advice every person should know, especially before jumping into the online dating pool with those who are perhaps more experienced with the platform and with playing the field:

1. Chemistry still matters. You can have every checkbox in common, you can have a 99% match and love all the same food, movies, and music—but if the “spark” isn’t there, the relationship isn’t going to work. The “spark” is a much-debated aspect of relationships, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that two people who look great on paper don’t always work out. If you’re not feeling it in the early stages of your relationship, it won’t matter how well your interests, hobbies, and work schedules align. You might be better just being friends. 

2.  Don’t expect the other person to pay. While many women still prefer the guy to make the first move and actually initiate a date, polls have shown that nearly half of women are willing to pick up the check at the end of a dinner date. However, tradition states that he or she who asks pays for the meal, since the asker will also be planning the evening. In most situations, it’s relatively safe to assume that the person who asks will be paying, but there’s nothing worse than having to dine and dash because your date turned out to be a jerk who assumed you’d be footing the bill. Just take your wallet, just in case.

 3.  Aim for fun over fancy. This is some of the best relationship advice my grandmother ever gave me: you won’t always be able to afford fancy, so it’s much better to just have fun. An expensive, intimate restaurant can be fun, but so is a picnic in the park with sandwiches you bought at the deli. The goal of a date should be to get to know each other, and that might not be possible if you’re nervous about spilling a $20 glass of wine on a $100 tablecloth.

Online dating—and dating in general—can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Follow these tips to keep things simple!

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