Dating Advice for Women- Can Long-distance Dating Work?

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There can be nothing worse than meeting the person of your dreams only to discover that they live in another city, several hours’ away, or, even worse, in another country. How many times has this happened to you? If so, did you even pursue the relationship further after you discovered that the other person lived so far away? Long-distance dating, if done correctly, can actually work out perfectly well, depending on the couple. If the couple is really in love, committed to making the relationship work and loyal, there is no reason why the long-distance relationship should not work. However, dating long distance is obviously much more challenging than regular dating…

Most couples who have gone on to marry after a successful long-distance dating relationship report a very strong bond, one which they have never felt before in previous relationships. Many experts believe that if couples can overcome the initial long-distance hurdles, their relationships will stand the test of time.

Nowadays, with the advent of brilliant technology, long-distance dating is easier than ever before. Couples are able to communicate via video chat, instant messaging, email and more, and it is now very inexpensive. They no longer have to wait for letters or telephone calls to hear news from their significant others and can actually chat with them face to face, even though it is virtual. However realistic this form of communication is, it doesn’t take the place of real, human to human communication.


Although it is now easy to switch on your computer and instantly see your partner speaking to you through your computer screen, you are unable to give them a hug when they are having a bad day and this is where long-distance dating falls short. If a long-distance dating couple can schedule in regular visits with each other, this could make all the difference to their relationship and could go a long way in helping the health of the relationship.


Trust is crucial to any relationship but in terms of a long-distance relationship, it is   further enhanced because both parties spend so much time apart. It goes without saying that each partner will encounter social situations and functions where they meet people of the other sex. Remaining 100% loyal to their partner is a sign of whether they are dedicated to making the relationship work or not. Being aware that their partner is being exposed to similar situations can be difficult for some people, especially if they are the jealous type! Again, trust is important and knowing that you can trust your partner 100% is what counts here.


At some point in any long-distance relationship a serious discussion inevitably needs to take place. Either one partner moves to be with the other partner (or vice versa), they set up a home somewhere else, or the relationship comes to an end. Unfortunately, only the strongest of long-distance relationships endure this discussion and continue. Hopefully yours is one of them!


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