Dating Advice for Women- Make him think you are relationship material

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Being in love in an great experience!  Just that feeling of knowing that someone is there for you, or someone cares for you rejuvenates a news spark in your life. Now, when a man falls for his perfect lady then there are many obvious but few things that can instantly bring a smile on their face. However, these are those special secrets that they keep to themselves, as these are those beautiful secrets that kept that spark alive, and single women must make a note of it. Here is some must read dating advice for women.

#1- His Face Gets Ignited With A Smile When He Thinks About You!

Whether he is stressed out because of his work, frustrated at a traffic jam or just scrolling down his social networking feeds, if he is lucky then indeed he going to have a women whose thoughts can make him smile in no time. This can happen without her being present at the same city, as just her thoughts of watching her smile or hearing her name are enough to ignite his face and heart with a smile.

#2- He Loves It When You Smile Because Of Him

Do you remember those moments when your man actually picked up momentum to be funny? Or maybe sort of semi-funny but alas he was just trying! A man can never see her special one sad or depressed. They always want her to be happy, smiling and laughing her heart out. The magical thing here is that he starts loving the source of your smile, it doesn’t matter if it makes him appear strange or stupid all that matters to your man is you are happy because of him.

#3- He Loves It When He Catches You Staring At Him

Many people think that women especially single women are the common attention seekers on their first or second date. However, the other side is not that different too. Even men love it when they are wanted and thus when in a relationship you let them know what their value is, it can turn their world upside down. When a women gives the same affection and care to the man and finally they fall in love then there is no better feeling than that.

#4- He Loves Your Funny Things That You Never Knew 

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