Dating Advice for Women: Should You Make the First Move?

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Recently, men and women who are still single have turned into dating websites to finally find their perfect match. If you have been going out for a long time now but still failed to find a partner, it might be about time to consider how the internet can be beneficial in terms of being able to find you a date, and hopefully, a partner in the future. However, for most women, there is often a doubt on whether to give it a try or not, and there is hesitation to make the first move. If you see a profile of a guy you truly like, with all of the characteristics and interests matching yours, will you still not make the first move? Well, it is now 2014. Gone were the days wherein only men are making the initiative to ask a woman for a date. There is totally nothing wrong about making the first move, and this is surely one thing that will not make you look bad or cheap in the eyes of men.

Why You Should Take the First Step

If you are one of the many single women out there, you can have a spark of hope to find the man you deserve by making the first move. According to research in the past, women are natural initiators. When they make eye contact to men, or when they let out a smile, this is already an indication that they are interested. Therefore, there is nothing wrong about sending the first message or email to the person you really like.

More so, making the first move in dating websites should be also done because it allows you to be on the driver seat. By showing the initiative, you are basically taking control of your happiness, and even of the entire situation. You will be able to dictate what should be done next and how to proceed. More often than not, you will have a say in the things that will follow.

Lastly, single women should initiate the move to ask a guy on a date because it increases your self-confidence. As it has been mentioned in the earlier paragraph, this will let you drive your own happiness. In this way, it adds up to you self-esteem, knowing the fact that you have initiated a move to ask someone out.

Tips in making The First Move

To succeed in asking someone out from dating websites, one of the first things you should remember is to flirt. This should come out naturally and will surely excite men to go out with you. Nonetheless, when flirting, make sure to know your limit so you will not appear too low. You should be bold and should know what you are doing or where you are heading. Never make a man feel intimidated, but never make it appear that you have low trust on yourself as well. Be straightforward and avoid beating around the bush.

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