Should you date your co-workers

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Never mix business with pleasure, people say, but sometimes our brains and hearts don‘t agree. Dating a coworker surely sounds exciting – after all, you have the same aspirations, interests and goals and already spend most of your day together.

There are, of course, some drawbacks, when it comes to dating someone you work closely with. The second you start dating your coworker, your personal life gets mingled with your professional one. You might become tempted to discuss personal matters in the office or ruin your intimate weekends together by discussing work-related issues. To avoid that, it’s important to set some ground rules – be discreet at the office and don’t bring your work home.

Some offices also have a strict policy against dating coworkers. Make sure you check that in advance, as it can cost both of you your careers. Even if your workplace doesn’t have a set dating policy, think about how your relationship will be perceived by your other colleagues and employers – is dating coworker frowned upon, for instance?

Relationships often don’t go as smoothly as we hope they would. Of course, we dream that our next date will be the One and we’ll fall in love at first sight, get married a week later and then live happily ever after. What happens, however, when your relationship with your co-worker doesn’t go as planned? Things such as jealousy or relationship problems can greatly impact your work performance and also create a sense of tension in your office. Consider and prepare for the worst, when dating a coworker. Most offices don’t mind in love people – they have a problem with two colleagues who used to make googly eyes at each other, but can now barely stand being in the same room.

Of course, no one can actually tell you whether dating your coworker is a good idea or not. However, be extra careful, when making the decision, as it can affect not only your personal, but your professional life and entire career, as well.

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