Dating Advice That Works- How to Make Long Distance Relationships

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Thousands of people are in online dating relationships and many of them are involved in long distance relationship. Long distance relationships have a bad rap for being destined to fail, but due to some advances in technology, more and more people are making long distance relationships work. Here’s some dating advice that works. While making a long distance relationship work can take more effort, it is now more doable than ever. Here are some tidbits of relationship advice to help your long distance relationship succeed.

Set a Time Limit: Some long distance relationship experts state one of the biggest factors that help long distance relationships is setting an end to the time that you two are apart. It will make it easier for you to bear the time you are away from your significant other if you know that is only temporary. This step should only be undertaken after you both are getting to a point where you are both committed and serious about your relationship. Once you two are able to set a date of when the distance will end, you will be able to reduce your stress and just enjoy your time growing closer emotionally.

Make sure to see each other regularly: If you set up regular intervals to see each other it will make it much easier to stay committed to your relationship. Whether you set up a schedule where one of you get on a plane to see each other for a weekend every two weeks or once a month. Take turns switching off of who has to travel, so that one of you doesn’t resent the other for emptying their bank account  as travel can be incredibly expensive. This also gives you an opportunity to get know your significant other’s family and friends.

Plan a fun vacation together: Plan a fun getaway or vacation for about a week so that you can enjoy each other’s company and have the important element of physical closeness. This will also allow you to form memories together that you can treasure while you are apart from each other.

Have regular video dates: Just because you two are not in the same area, doesn’t mean that you can’t copy the same experiences that many other couples have. You can both have dinner together, even to the point of getting takeout from the same restaurant and eating it together via video chat. You can even watch the same movie together at home as if you two were actually together in the same spot. You can also play certain board games on video chat. Having a  level of somewhat normalcy will help you to not feel as if the distance is so far and help you tough it out during the times that you are apart

These tips will help you and your significant other work through the time that you are in a long distance relationship. Now you don’t have to let the distance stand in the way of your happiness and loving relationship. Make sure to put this relationship advice to good use and you can dismiss all the naysayers who say that your relationship won’t work because of the distance.


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