Dating Sites and 4 Tips You Need To Know

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For anyone on the dating scene, whether a newbie or a seasoned professional (is there such a thing?), there are certain aspects that are crucial to master if you want to succeed at the art of dating. We’re going to show you 4 tips for dating sites that you need to know.  They are as follows…

1) Ask For Introductions. And don’t be shy about it, either! As they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Many single people are too shy about letting others know that they are single and ready to mingle (which is baffling because there is no shame in being single). Let it be known to friends and co-workers alike that you’d be more than willing (but not desperate, of course) to be set up on dates with any of their suitable friends that match some of the qualities that you’re looking for in a mate. You never know what might happen!

2) Trash The Tech When on A Date. Not literally, of course, but since we are so focused on our phones, computers and tablets these days, it is easy to let this habit spill over into a date. Ask your date if he or she wouldn’t mind if the date could be a tech-free one and if you could focus entirely on each other instead. Sounds much more romantic, doesn’t it?

If you met online, it is especially important that you give each other your full attention and not get distracted by incoming text messages or emails which could be saved for later. After all, first dates are all about getting to know one another and there could be nothing worse than reflecting back on the date and realizing that you got to learn absolutely nothing about the person because you were both so focused on your phones.


3) Date Your Opposite Ideal. If you’re on the dating scene, you have, by default, not found your ideal mate yet. This means that you have potentially been looking for the incorrect ideal person all along and your previous partners may have been wrong fits for you. So, broaden your horizons and consider dating someone you ordinarily would not date. Who knows, you may discover that their personality, in fact, does suit your own!


4) The First Date Is Not An Audition For Marriage. If you view every date as an audition for marriage, you will never be able to relax with your potential love partners and this could actually jeopardize the relationship. Your date will be able to pick up on the tension and may interpret this as desperation. For many people desperation makes them run a mile, and you most certainly do not want this! So, learn to relax and view the first date as simply the possibility for a second date and nothing more.


Diving headfirst and blindly into dating is never a good idea. A bit of planning and good advice should always be considered beforehand. If you take the above tips into account you should be good to go! Good luck!

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