Fun Date Ideas to Help You Stand Out and Get a Second Date

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Have you been dating your significant other for a few weeks or months now and have you realized that he or she is turning out to be that someone special? The key to any good relationship is not to lose the spark and to continuously keep it fun and entertaining. So why not make your dates fun and entertaining? Try some of our fun date ideas and your partner will love you for it! Being creative about your next date can really make you stand out from the other guys who are probably in hot pursuit.

When deciding what to do for your next dates, forget about going out for dinner at restaurants time after time – getting creative about dates is far more romantic! Here is some inspiration to help get you started!

Do you live near a lake or a river? If so, next weekend, why not pack a picnic lunch, a blanket and then take a simple paddle boat out onto the water? While you paddle the boat, allow your partner to sit back, relax and admire the scenery around you. There is nothing as relaxing as being out on a boat, just the two of you!

Living in a big city has its perks, believe me! Do a little bit of research and find out where the best view of your city is from up above. Then, find out if you can gain access to this spot and what the best time of day is to see the view. Grab two takeaway coffees (and your partner!) and spend a romantic hour or two admiring the view. Even better, pack some binoculars or a telescope to enhance the awesome experience.

Do you have a local food or farmer’s market in your area? If so, this would be the ideal place to browse around for some delicious ingredients for a meal for the two of you to cook together. After having some fun exploring the farmer’s market, go home and bond while you cook a yummy meal together! Much better than eating out!

It may sound old-fashioned but bowling is still a firm favorite with most people! Challenge your partner to a bowling tournament followed by some pizza afterwards.

Seen all the good movies on circuit? No problem! How about checking out what is showing at your local theater? You can often pick up tickets for great stand-up comedy, drama, and many other great shows that you wouldn’t ordinarily watch.

If the fun fair is in town, you should definitely consider making that a date. Imagine holding hands with your significant other as you both scream whilst you go hurtling down the roller coaster! Plus, who doesn’t like cotton candy?

If you’re animal lovers, consider heading to your local zoo and spending a day casually strolling around. You could also pack a picnic lunch and eat it on a blanket when you get tired of walking around. Bliss!

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do for a fun date, just think about what you city has to offer. If you try and get creative, you’ll find that the opportunities are usually endless !

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