How to know if they have long term potential

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One question all people – single and taken alike – ask themselves is: how to know if my current partner or date has a long-term potential? Online dating sites are a great place to meet potential date candidates, but how to actually tell if they’re going to stick around? Take a look at these warning signs and be prepared:

1.   Share too much, too soon

When you first meet someone, you don’t tell them everything about yourself, do you? Beware of people, who are too eager to share personal or sensitive information. Things such as your cell phone, email address or living address are things you shouldn’t give out, before you’ve exchanged at least five or six meaningful messages… or, you know, actually met the other person face-to-face.

2.   Excessive flattery

Of course, it’s always nice, when someone tells you you’re gorgeous or sexy. But excessive flattery, especially when limited only to your looks, is always a warning sign. This could mean that your potential date is either shallow, or simply interested in what your body can give them. On the contrary, if your potential date takes the time to think of creative compliments or focus on your personal qualities, that’s a definite sign that they’re interested in you – and have a long-term dating potential.

3.   Ex-talk

When it comes to talking about one’s exes, both too much and not at all are undesirable options. If your potential date talks about their ex, broken hearts or emotional traumas, this usually means they haven’t gotten over their previous relationship. On the other hand, you should also be careful, if they don’t mention exes at all – is it, because they haven’t had previous relationships and if that’s so, why? Too much or no ex-talk at all could be a sign that your potential date is selfish, emotionally available… or not exactly single.



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