How to make Speed Dating Awesome And Meet Local Singles

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If you’re looking to meet local singles then you’ve probably considered speed dating. However it has gotten some crud the past few years; it has slowly lost its “spark.” Speed dating is actually a great way to meet someone interesting. When you speed date you have to think of something really interesting to say to grab the persons attention. There is a lot you can learn about a person when they tell you what they think to be the most interesting thing they can say. Here are some of the best tips around to help you make speed dating awesome while still meeting those crazy cool people.

Ask open ended questions!

Instead of asking yes or no questions like “do you have any pets?” ask questions that allow the other person to actually talk about something. Ask questions like “what are your plans for this summer” and where the last vacation they went on was. You would be surprised how interesting people are when you ask the right questions.

Make the other person feel comfortable

Not everyone is a social butterfly, some of the people you talk to may still be a little caterpillar. Try to make those people feel comfortable. Don’t judge the other person because they are having an awkward speed dating experience. Instead smile and keep eye-contact. While they may not be the love of your life, just being nice to the person could score you a new friend.

Stay confident!

People love confidence. When your date starts smile and say hi, don’t shy away. Show them that you’re confident and ready to meet them. If the speed dating is over for the day and you haven’t met anyone you like stay confident as well. There is someone out there for everyone, always remember that. If you shy away from speed dating because you didn’t make any connections you may miss the chance to meet someone special.

Have Fun!

You don’t need to worry about what your kids with Date #11 will look like. Just have a great conversation with the person. If you are constantly worrying about those details then you won’t notice if the person is actually really great or not. You don’t need to think about your future with them. Even if you don’t meet someone special you will still have met some new people and possibly made some new friends. In the end having fun on a date (or multiple 3 minute dates) is what dating is all about, so sit down relax and have a great time.

Speed dating is a fun safe way to meet new people. So why not enjoy it? Above are some of the best and easiest ways to help you enjoy speed dating to its fullest. Dating is about having fun. While speed dating is not as popular as it used to be due to everyone moving online for their dating, speed dating is still a fantastic way to meet new people and branch out a little. It’s especially good if you are the type of person who gets uncomfortable approaching people, speed dating will warm you up to talking to people.

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