How to meet girls on Facebook

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There’s no doubt about it — Facebook is the ultimate social media site. With 1.23 billion users actively using the site on a monthly basis, it’s the perfect setting for meeting girls and online dating. Of course, since this is Facebook — and not a face-to-face meeting — your strategy needs to be different than what you might typically use. The following offers you a slew of relationship advice that sets you up to meet girls on Facebook.

Find Girls That Might Be Good Matches

Facebook is a fertile mining ground for finding friends of all stripes who share a common interest. A quick search of Facebook groups will bring up numerous choices based on a mutual love or admiration of something in particular. So, if you’re a die-hard gamer, for example, browse through some of the more interesting Facebook groups to see if there are any girls that interest you. Or you can take a different approach and choose something that you’ve always wanted to learn more about and join a group based on it.

Add Girls That Catch Your Eye

Every time you see a cute girl online, add her as a friend. In order to head off the nearly inevitable questions about who you are, send an intriguing or charming message with your friend request. If you can’t think of anything personal to say about her off the top of your head, click through her profile a bit and see what kind of pictures she has up. Does she have a selfie with her pooch? Tell her about the dog you grew up with that is the same breed. Did she post a picture of she and her besties hiking? Send a comment about your favorite hiking trails in the area.

Dive Deeper Into Her Page

Once you send off your friend request, it’s time to really gain an understanding of her. Spend some time browsing through her about page and make a note of her interests. Click through her timeline and her photos so you can get a good grasp of who she is and what makes her happy. Doing this will provide you with ways to connect with her on a personal level.

Interact With Her Regularly

Conventional relationship advice involves getting to know her better. Spend some time interacting with her based on the status updates, photos and videos she posts. Make positive, upbeat and personal messages but make sure you don’t try too hard. If she comments back to you on something you’ve said, make sure that you follow through with another sincere comment to keep the flow of communication open.

Message Her Directly

After you’ve spent some time interacting with her on a regular basis — the actual time varies, of course, but err on the side of waiting rather than rushing it — message her about some common interest you two share or ask her opinion on something. This makes the message open ended enough so she is more likely to respond.

Make a Connection With Her

Use your messages to really make a connection with her. This is the time to get to know her likes and dislikes, her goals and aspirations, her fears and doubts and anything else you might learn about her if you were talking to her one-on-one in person. Once you make your conversations about getting to know what makes her happy and who she really is, then you’ll find that your talks are naturally interesting to you both.

Set Up a Face-to-Face Meeting

There is no hard and fast rule for how long you two should be messaging before you suggest a real-life meeting. After your multiple conversations with her, you’ll probably be able to tell if she is going to need a few weeks to be open to a meeting or a few months. Whichever way she leans, be sure to not rush into a meeting with her. You also need to make sure that there isn’t a great deal of pressure on this first meeting. Opt for coffee nearby or a late lunch rather than a full-blown date with dinner and a movie. In order to make planning easier, offer her your number along with something like, “Give me a call later so we can firm up plans to meet.”

One of the best reasons for using Facebook to meet girls — beyond the obvious fact that so many of them are on the site every day — is that you can cultivate a relationship with more than one at a time. This broadens your chances of success in online dating.

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