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How to Meet Girls-Speed Dating – Yes or No?

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So you’re single and want to know how to meet girls without wasting a lot of time on things that don’t work.  Meeting your ideal mate can be hard, especially if you live in a big city or town and find that there is a serious lack of decent, eligible singles to be found at the places you frequent. Approaching someone at a bar can be awkward and downright embarrassing and some people have just given up on meeting someone in this way. So, apart from online dating (which is another viable alternative), is there another way to meet someone in your city?

If you have never considered speed dating, you should definitely do so! Don’t worry, it is not as intimidating as it sounds and is actually a whole lot of fun. Speed dating has gained in popularity over the years since it was first invented in the late nineties for the Jewish dating scene. It is actually a fantastic way to meet normal, decent singles just like yourself and you can even participate in a speed dating even with a bunch of friends.

Speed dating events are normally aimed at a specific group of individuals, such as a specific age group, gay men, Christians, transgenders and more.

Advance registration is essential which allows organizers to take down all your details to share with potential suitors (with your permission, of course!) later on. When the speed dating event begins, men and women are rotated so that they all have the chance to meet one another. The meetings are considered as short “dates” and last approximately three to eight minutes, depending on the event.

At the end of the event, both the men and the women can decide who they want to share their contact details with. If there is a match, the organizers will forward the contact details to both parties and things can evolve from there.

Speed dating has many advantages in that only a few hours are invested and that it is likely that one will have at least one match from the evening. Also, it is much less pressurized than trying to meet someone in a club or a bar as the environment is very structured and organized. Everyone is in the same boat and therefore no one has to feel out of place. There is also no need to feel under pressure to walk up to someone you like the look of and introduce yourself – with speed dating, you are automatically introduced!

In addition, if you feel that, for some reason, you dislike someone, you can rest assured that you need only spend a maximum of ten minutes with them. This is unlike other situations where you may be stuck with a person unfairly monopolizing your time.

It is difficult to think of any disadvantages to speed dating other than you may not meet anyone you have a connection with or you don’t receive any matches. However, if this happens it may be just luck of the draw and you could always try again at another event!

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