Local Singles- Creative Ways to Meet Your Future Soulmate

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Meeting quality local singles can be tricky… but not if you know how. While in generations past many people married their high school or college sweetheart, now more than ever people are waiting longer to get married and settle down which means more partners and more creative ways of meeting the person that is right for you. Now this may require getting out of your comfort zone in order to meet someone, but if you meet the right person for you it will be worth it, plus you will have a great story of how you two first met. Here are five creative ways to meet your future soulmate.

1. Speed Date: While the thought of speed dating makes many people cringe as it is so unconventional, it is also very proficient. When you speed date you are going through many different potential dating candidates at once, rather than solely focusing on one at a time. It also allows you to safely figure out what exactly you desire in a partner. If you decide to speed date you can also get the contact information for a few people that you are interested in and explore the relationship further.

2. Go Somewhere New: Whether you are going on vacation with a group of friends or you are on a research trip for work, any time you are in a new place provides you with opportunities to meet your potential partner. Also when you go to a different city or even country, it gives you a chance to challenge yourself and live in the moment. This attitude allows someone to get to know you on a deeper level, providing a better connection.

3.  At a convention: Conventions can be work related, but many have to do with particular interest groups. Find a convention for an area of interest that you are passionate about and sign up for tickets. During the weekend you are likely to meet many new friends and potentially a new partner. Ideally you will want to sign up for a local convention, so that you are not starting out in a long distance relationship. Here are some areas of interests that host conventions to give you an idea of what to look for: writing, video games, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, music, the arts.


4. At a festival: Festivals are a fun and relaxed environment, making it a great place to meet someone new. Many areas host several local festivals each summer from music to heritage festivals. Best of all the entrance fee is usually pretty inexpensive and they usually have great food. Be sure to sign up for some contests or activities that will allow you to meet more people. Plus the long lines for attractions give you the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation with the cute stranger next to you.


5. At a Bookstore or Library: Many bookstores have cafes attached to them now, allowing you to sit down with your new book and a cup of coffee, reading to your heart’s content or until they happen to close. While libraries don’t necessarily offer the opportunity to get a latte and a bagel, many offer comfy reading areas that you can use.The beauty of both a bookstore and a library is that it allows you to see what someone else is interested in, so that you can have something to talk about. If you want to increase your chances of meeting someone, sign up for a book club. Many bookstores and libraries will host book clubs, giving you something in common to talk about and an opportunity to ask them innocuously for a coffee date.


These five creative ways to meet someone will hopefully open up more ideas for you to meet that someone special. You never know where you may stumble upon Mr. or Ms. Right, so put yourself out there and increase your chances. Even if you don’t meet someone new, you can make some fun memories along the way.



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