Original First Date Ideas You Should Try

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When it comes to dating, you should never underestimate the power of the first date. Meeting someone for the first time will not only help you decide whether you’d like to see them again, but can tell you a lot about them – for instance, are they creative or are they a creature of habit… and have they put the time and effort into thinking of a great first date idea. To make sure you create the right first impression, check out our original first date ideas:

Do art together

There is no other thing that brings two people closer than creating something together. Clay, crayons, paint – you name it! The only thing you’ll need is art supplies and a place where both of you can show off your creative sides.

DIY wine tasting

Who doesn’t love wine? And, of course, what’s a first date without some new experiences? Combine the two and organize a DIY wine tasting for you and your potential date. It’s cheaper than doing it at a wine shop or a restaurant and is way more fun! If you’re not a wine person, who says you can’t organize your very own beer, champagne or cocktail tasting?

Three-course dinner with a twist

A fancy dinner is a must for a great first day. Change things a bit by organizing your date dinner at three different places. Grab an appetizer at a local tapas place, then go and check out a fancy restaurant for the main course and finish the night at your favorite dessert bar!

Scavenger hunt

Your days of scavenger hunts are not over – get creative and put together a list of things you’d like to do. Make it as simple or complicated as you like and don’t be afraid to be creative. Doing something together is the best way to feel closer to your date and there’s hardly anything as fun and exciting as your own scavenger hunt!

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