There are entire books, magazines, talk shows, and more devoted to relationship advice. One of the most asked questions relationship advisors get seems to be whether or not the person that you are pursuing actually likes you. Three questions that probably every guy has asked them selves are: how to... more

Many couples will one day end their relationship, but not due to lack of chemistry or commitment, but due to lack of excitement. Many relationship experts claim that as the flames of attraction and initial excitement begin to cool, that is when relationships most often become strained, eventually... more

So that big day is coming! Many guy think they know what they're doing but actually have no idea how to talk to girls the right way. Your first date with someone new. Whether you have been dating regularly or are just getting back in the game there are some things you just shouldn't talk about... more

Women have always seemed to be a mystery to men, despite living on this Earth together for all of human history. One essential life skill every guy should know is how to talk to girls.  This can make dating and relationships especially hard for men as it involves a great deal of subtlety and... more

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