Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys and Dump Nice Guys- How to talk to girls

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Bad boys have the reputation of scruffy, hot, and good looking, but also arrogant cocky, inattentive, inconsiderable, and nearly unfeeling. But, despite these things, why women love boys and dump nice guys? There are many reasons why women love bad boys, and each may differ from each other. However, despite the differences of these reasons, it’s clear that bad boys have something in common, which could be the reason why women flock to them. When women say that they like a nice guy, but started dating out bad boy, here are the reasons why. We’ll show you how to talk to girls the right way and not end up in the friend zone.

  1. Not Real - Nice guys are overly nice. But, no one can be that nice all the times unless they are saint. Nice guys are too busy being nice, and do not have time to be a real man and women, by instinct, do not trust it. In addition, nice guys do not want to hurt their apple at the cart, so the keep secrets when they made mistake. Contrary, bad boys keep it real.
  2. Predictable – Women nowadays live with predictable, boring lives, so they get attracted to people who are a bit unpredictable and exciting. For women, bad boys are and will be always a challenge – nice guys are never a challenge. “No excitement, plus predictable, equals to I prefer to have a bad boy”.
  3.   Respect – Nobody respect a doormat. The truth is that nice guys do not make any real demands or set boundaries. Women do not respect a guy they can control. Bad boys do not allow women to walk over them or control them. With lack of respect, there’s no attraction, too.
  4. The Mother Nature – It’s natural for women to care, to nurture. But, instead of doing this to children, they prefer to do it with a bad boy. Women believe that their love can save a bad boy and a nice guy does not need to be saved.
  5. Sperm Wars – Women can procreate strong genes and bad boys are sending them with an unconscious message that they want to have stronger genes, so they are not afraid of losing their girl by misbehaving. Contrary, nice guys are sending message that their genes are not superior enough by not misbehaving.
  6. Low Self-Esteem – Would you want to be someone who treats you better than you treat yourself? If you think of it much deeper, a bad boy is reinforcing your negative beliefs, while a nice guy introduces you to something that you’re unfamiliar with.
  7. Fear of Intimacy – If a woman is not ready for intimacy, she is subconsciously aware that she can avoid it with bad boy as she can never go that far with them. But, nice guys would want a commitment and that’s pretty scary for many women.
  8. Sex – Women always have the belief that bad boys are great in bed. Women always dream of being manhandled in bed and think that a nice guy can never do it. Bad boys are seen by women with the ability to deliver, though this may not always be the case.

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