Relationship Advice Every Man Should Already Knew… But Probably Doesn’t

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If only we can turn back the hands of time! That is one of the saddest things that we can tell ourselves. Being young and filled with love, but with the right knowledge as you have know would have given you a happier life in the present. This is particularly true if your earlier relationships were filled with mistakes.

Here is a list of relationship advice you wish you already knew.

  1. Nobody else can definite you but you.

You are created as an individual, and nobody else can define you – but you. You are not defined by the person whom you have a relationship with. You need to love yourself first and be confident in yourself before you can confidently enter any type of serious relationship.

  1. Do not ignore your family and friends while focusing on your relationship

This is one common issue among single women. One of the best ways to ruin friendships is by ditching your time with them for a boy or girl. However, think of this. Your friends and family were there first before you entered such a relationship. While you may be able to expect that they will be waiting for you just in case your relationship fails, do not anticipate that everything will still be the same.

  1. There is no such thing as a perfect happily ever after

Single women, especially those who are younger, believe in a fairy tale like story. If you are too young to even identify what you really want in life, chances are, your relationship may not last. While some young love flourished into a lifetime relationship, there are several factors in between that made the relationship grow healthily.

  1. Safeguard your heart well

Since there is a tendency that your first relationship may not end up well, make sure that you protect yourself even just a little. Also, you need to be open-minded in order to have your own romantic relationship. A strike balance should exist in between.

  1. Expect possible pain

It would be unrealistic to expect that relationships and love are all happiness. When you start to open yourself up to another individual, you become vulnerable. It may make you happy, but you can also experience hurt. Keep in mind that only the people whom you care the most can hurt you the most.

  1. Respect Yourself

Make sure that you identify boundaries beforehand. It is your decision to consider which things are acceptable regarding the way that you are treated both physically and verbally. It would turn out to be a very sad thing to discover later on that you have given up too much unconditionally, but failing afterwards.

  1. Get to know the other person better

As the famous line of a famous animated story goes ‘you cannot just marry someone you just met’. This is one problem among younger people who believe that they are in love. They jump into conclusions, which only led them to sad situations. This is also the reason why a lot of single people choose to take advantage of totally free dating sites where they can get the chance to meet good people and know them first well before jumping on any decision regarding relationship.

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