Relationship Advice for Men- 5 Things Women Really Want in a Man

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Women say a lot of things that they may or may not mean. When you are trying to be the perfect man, you are always wondering, is this really what she wants? Knowing what women want may be hard, but as a rule, most women only want a few things, whether they tell you or not. Here are five things that women really—really—want from you. Not what they say they want, but what they want in their hearts. You will be able to charm your woman and make her fall back in love with you by providing her with these few simple tips to follow. Or perhaps you are looking for a single woman.


No matter who you are talking to, any woman wants respect. There is nothing that a woman hates more than being degraded. This relationship advice is pretty simple, but it can go a long way in making your relationship better or attracting a single woman. When you respect a woman as you are walking up to her by not catcalling (“Aye…aye….aye, girl, come here!” Bad move, guys. We women don’t listen to you when you say this.) And can act maturely, she will notice you. Also, when you start treating your woman with respect, she will be sure to appreciate it.


Women need a man that is completely secure. She needs someone who has enough money to provide for himself as well as her, but she also needs someone who is internally and physically secure. Without being stifling, women are looking for a man who will protect and provide for her. This most likely comes from the “father figure.” It is a father’s job to protect his girl, and when you take over this job, you will fill in.


Another important factor that a single woman will look for in a man is a sense of maturity. Women appreciate men who they can have a coherent, adult conversation with. If you are an adult, act like one. One thing that a single woman can’t stand is an immature man who comes and tries to strike up a conversation with her. If you are immature, either find an immature woman to be with or grow up.


Women get tired of the same thing over and over again. When you’re looking into relationship advice, you will want to consider changing things up a bit, either with the love of your life or your new single woman. Changing your routine up will add a little much-needed spice.

Emotional Involvement

In order to have a working, functional relationship, you need to be able to fully communicate. Your single woman you are looking at would love it if you sat down and could express feelings. When you can express feelings, it speaks to a woman’s heart, what she usually thinks with, and it will make your relationship ten times better and add much-needed spice.

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