Relationship Advice- Things Avoid Doing On A First Date

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So, you’ve bagged a date with the person of your dreams – how exciting! Now that you’ve come down from Cloud Nine and the reality that you’ll actually have to attend a first date with this person is now setting in, you are becoming increasingly nervous – and rightly so. Check out relationship advice about what not to do on your next first date.

Because you never have a second chance to make a good first impression, you want to ensure that you put your very best foot forward on your first date. But what are the things that you need to avoid do to ensure that you don’t mess up your first date?

Well, first and foremost, never, and I repeat, never insult your date! If you are a straightforward kind of person and your honest comments are sometimes construed as insults, you may want to tread on eggshells during your first date. Trust us, it will be worth it!

Another obvious no-no (which some people out there still get wrong, believe or not) is bringing a friend. This will totally kill the romantic vibe and any chances of a second date, so just don’t do it.

Deciding on what you are comfortable talking about or not is a personal choice but you should always avoid getting into any kind of discussion about politics as you never know what your date’s stance on the issue is. The same goes on the topic of professions. You may be aware that he is an engineer but if you start ripping lawyers to pieces, only to discover that his beloved father is one, you may find yourself in quite a predicament. The key to discussion topics on a first date is to play it safe. You don’t need to discuss the weather but try to keep it neutral.

While it is a great idea to ask your date questions in order to get to know him or her better, don’t interview him as you would a job candidate. This is a major put-off and will make you seem too highly strung.

This may be rather an awkward topic, but try not to order anything with garlic or parsley in it. No one likes pongy garlic breath, and don’t embarrass yourself by having a stalk of parsley stuck between your front teeth. Not a good look.

Worse still than embarrassing yourself as far as food goes is making a fool out of yourself by getting drunk. Yes, first dates are really stressful and it is okay to have a drink or two but don’t overdo it because you may find yourself not even remembering your first date!

It’s great to try and look sexy for your date but don’t overdo it. Wearing an outfit that is too revealing will give the wrong impression so rather tone it down a few notches.

First dates can be the beginning of an exciting and even lifelong relationship. Even if it isn’t, taking the above into account, the key is to relax and just to be yourself.

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