Relationship advice- Ways to make guys take you out

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Dating men is not a cumbersome task today, thanks to the many dating websites available to make things easier, especially for single women. But making the right kind of guy ask you out is the task that can be termed difficult. When you have zeroed in on a guy you like and would like to go out with him let him know you are interested. Some of the guys are introverted and they do make the first move unless they get to see some kind of encouragement from the lady. There are many ways by which you can make your interest known to him. Check out this relationship advice that actually works.

When you are in a group, try arranging a time when both of you can be alone for a few moments. He might be intimidated by the group to approach you and might be waiting for this opportunity to be alone with you to express his desire to ask you out.

You need to use the right body language and gestures to let him know that you like him. Look him in the eye and not elsewhere or do not cross your arms when he is making conversation with you. This will make you appear disinterested in him.

Learn about his interests and try to be a part of them. It might be difficult initially if you do not share the same interests but if you like the guy enough, you will slowly develop interest too just for the fact that you will be able to spend time with him. Watch a sports match with him or go to a restaurant that serves food of his choice.

Try to enlist his help for any household chores that needs a man’s hand. You will learn a lot about his domestic nature and at the same time you will enjoy handling the chore together as you can spend quality time in the comfortable surroundings of your home.

Appearances matter all the time. Looking good leaves you feeling confident and the guy desirous of showing you off! But dress right, do not overdo on the makeup. Wear perfume always.

Avoid going to noisy places where talking to each other is next to impossible. Plan outings for being together in more sedate environments like small parties and such other events that give you lot of opportunities to talk and get to know each other well.

Cultivate the art of listening. It pays to listen and observe rather than doing all the talking yourself. When you chatter, it not only puts the guy off, you also lose out on learning about him.

Being demure is a trait liked by all men even if we are in an age of forward thinking and gender equality. Also let your smile spread, it enhances not just your looks but creates a generally happy atmosphere for both of you to be in.

All these steps go a long way in keeping the attraction between you strong and develop into something more serious.

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