Relationship Advice Women Wish Men Knew

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The movie where Mel Gibson could read the minds of women seems to have misled men into thinking they have ever been close to breaking the code that is women. ‘What women want’ was depicted as an insight into a woman’s mind through a man who could read women’s minds and yet it seemed to stir the notion that men were inching closer to figuring out their feminine counterparts. The subtleties of women are not understood by themselves either and that is what makes them such a special and rare species. Women often seek the simplest things from men but in the haste to impress, overlook those to go for flashy and over the top expressions of interest and status. This relationship advice could change your whole approach to dating.

‘That don’t impress me much’ is a song women often wish men listened to as it would make their lives plenty easy. She insinuates the presence of all the money, cars and material things would not sway her in who gets her heart or even in her pants. Shocking considering she is a worldwide superstar (Shania Twain) and while it is improbable to picture her with a miner or store worker, she has put it out there that whoever would want to win her over would need to do so without their assets coming before the person. This is the biggest thing women wish men knew as it would reduce the pressure on the man to make a material impression rather create an emotional connection. The other things in life are amazing but without the heart and connection, the women are never impressed, not for long enough anyway.

Men also mistakenly assume women have intentions for long term relationships all the time. Should a man be on a date and start to project long term relationship goals and marriage ideas then he would have made the error of assuming he is the one chosen by the lady. Women prefer to be cherry picked and any rash assumptions or indications of a done deal will quickly leave you unattended to and un-fancied. This is not to mean they may not see it but the thrill of going on a whirlwind romance and enjoying the chase and courting make dating an experience women prefer to go on eyes closed but leash set. Be careful to enjoy the date as a moment leading to another but be aware there could be many suitors you have to beat out.

Single women are more and more turning to online dating with the advent of the professional woman upon us. The modern woman is a career woman who lacks time to court one and another and thus online dating sites, speed dating and dating games are a quick way to sample the masses and make her pick. These greatly reduce the amount of time she would take to know things about somebody and also let her explore options she might not have been aware of like same sex partners among other eclectic relationship decisions.

Men are often the currency women date with but the presence of various relationship and sexual orientations, the little men knew of women has drastically changed and they need to adapt or get left out altogether. Remember whichever mode you choose for dating, first impressions are everything so whether speed dating, online dating or traditional dating, make the first encounter the most memorable and you are sure to get more.

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