One question all people - single and taken alike - ask themselves is: how to know if my current partner or date has a long-term potential? Online dating sites are a great place to meet potential date candidates, but how to actually tell if they’re going to stick around? Take a look at these... more

How to Meet Girls-Speed Dating – Yes or No?

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So you're single and want to know how to meet girls without wasting a lot of time on things that don't work.  Meeting your ideal mate can be hard, especially if you live in a big city or town and find that there is a serious lack of decent, eligible singles to be found at the places you frequent.... more

So that big day is coming! Many guy think they know what they're doing but actually have no idea how to talk to girls the right way. Your first date with someone new. Whether you have been dating regularly or are just getting back in the game there are some things you just shouldn't talk about... more

Great first date ideas

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You have gotten over the major hurdle of asking him or her out, congratulations! Now, the next task is to take your date out on the first date. Check out these awesome first date ideas. Traditionally, the first date would be a coffee or dinner date and this has become, whole really classic, quite... more

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