If you're like most people, it's only natural for you to want to put your best face forward in your online dating profile.

The Most Effective Types of Dating Profile Pictures

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If you’re like most people, it’s only natural for you to want to put your best face forward in your online dating profile. After all, your photograph serves as a visual introduction, and you want to make the best possible impression. However, choosing the right photograph isn’t always as easy as it seems, so follow great suggestions listed below for optimal results.


Be Realistic

Many people make the mistake of using photographs that are years old on their dating profiles. Although it’s definitely tempting to use a photo of your younger self, it may be construed as deceptive by those who you choose to meet in person, particularly if the picture is older than a year or two. Keep in mind that one of the goals of online dating is to meet people in person, so use a flattering photo that represents the person you are now.


Strive for a Natural Look

Whether you opt to have your profile photo taken by a professional or put the project in the hands of a talented friend or relative, it’s best to strive for a relaxed, natural look rather than a contrived pose. However, don’t take the natural look too far — one of the last things you want on your dating profile is a blurry selfie taken in the bathroom with your smartphone.


Use a Picture With Personality

Choose a picture that lets your personality shine through rather than one featuring a wooden expression. If you share your life and home with a furry friend, consider including your companion in your photo, or if you play a sport, a smiling head-shot taken while enjoying your favorite pastime is sure to sparkle with personality. Pictures taken in the park on a sunny summer morning or looking up from reading an engrossing book are also good.


Keep it Simple

Even if your favorite photo of yourself is one that was taken while surrounded by a group of friends or family, don’t use that in your online dating profile — the picture shouldn’t include any other humans but yourself. You should also refrain from using a photo taken in an obvious party setting, and make certain that you’re appropriately dressed. That shirtless gym photo might show your muscles to their best advantage, but it’s probably best to choose another photo for your profile. Also, potential partners are going to want to see your eyes, so never post a photo where you’re wearing sunglasses.

You should also be looking directly at the camera with an open and approachable expression on your face. If you are in doubt about which photo to use, enlist the assistance of a friend with successful online dating experience to help you craft an excellent first impression for your dating profile.

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