Can I Join Without Using Facebook

You can only create an account on HeyThere™ by using your Facebook profile. This is to help ensure quality and make sure that all accounts are real people.

Is It Really Free

Yes, it really is free. You get 100% full access to all of our features at no cost.

What Happens When I Like Someone

When you “like” another user, they are added to your “favorites list”. If they like you back then they will appear on your “mutual matches” list. You won’t see them in any future searches since you’ve already liked them.

What Happens When I Dislike Someone

If you dislike someone, they are added to your “not interested” list (also called your blocked list). You won’t see them in any future searches and they won’t see you when they search. They are also not able to message you.

How Do I Cancel My Account

If you’d like to cancel your account, just follow these steps. Go to “My Profile” in the main menu. Then go to “settings”. At the bottom of the settings page is a red button that says “Cancel Your Account”.